Does Garner Hold + Shine Really Work?

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I honestly thought I’d hate this product based off of what I typically use for my hair and I have to say I was mostly correct in my judgement. Garnier Shine + Hold makes my hair feeling and looking a bit greasy with recommended quarter-size dollop spread throughout my locks. I’m literally sitting at a campus computer writing this wondering when I can make time to go home and wash my head.

To be fair, the front of the package does say  “SHINE + HOLD” and “medium hold” so it does exactly what it states. It has a bit of hold and plenty of shine BUT that shine feels pretty dang greasy to me. The one thing I genuinely enjoy about Garnier Shine + Hold is that it was very easy to distribute since its a liquid instead of the more solid substance you would think of when you see the word pomade. I typically use either American Crew Fiber or Old Spice Forge Putty. If you or your boy is into a slicked back look and don’t mind a greasy feeling, check out this product.

I gave samples one of my buddies and here’s his experience paraphrased: He used about a penny or a dime sized amount of product for his hair (it’s a tad longer and thicker than mine). He didn’t think it was too greasy and had the small amount of hold he was looking for. He also didn’t really care if it was liquid or solid.

Knowing this, I could have simply used too much product. The package does say a quarter-sized amount though so they should really update that if Garnier continues with this product.

Bottom line: Garnier Shine + Hold does exactly what it claims, it's just not my cup of tea.