Demi Lovato - "Simply Complicated"

I’m a sucker for a good, quality documentary and when I watched Demi Lovato’s “Simply Complicated” I got more than that.  As a person who didn’t even follow her on Instagram, I was excited to see more about her life and see what she is all about.


It takes you through Demi’s life starting with her days at Disney. It follows her through her troubles with drugs, alcohol and partying.


People speak about who she was at the time and how she acted, showing a different side that the public would never have seen or known existed. When she needed to get better, she exposes what helped the most and what motivated her to get through it.


Once she did overcome her substance addictions, she goes into details about her struggle with eating disorders.


Demi tells how she changed her music to show more of her personal side rather than performing music she doesn’t feel embodies her.


Demi also spills about her love life and relationships. She gives a glimpse of what dating is like for her, being constantly in the spotlight. Demi talks about past relationships and how she got over them as well.


Throughout the documentary, you hear snippets of her new album and you can tell how all she’s gone through inspired her music and her passion comes through. There is also footage of her recording in the studio. You see what a truly amazing singer she is live and how pure her love for music is.


Her new album “Tell Me You Love Me” shows a different side of her, along with her upbeat debut song “Sorry Not Sorry” which is hugely popular across the country.


Her documentary ends with you seeing how big of an impact her music has been around the world and the music industry in general. It shows how music has become an outlet for kids, just like Demi, who she wants to inspire to follow their passions.


I was left feeling empowered and confident which I appreciate from a documentary about women. I also have a newfound appreciation and respect for Demi than before when I didn’t know much about her.  It showed her raw emotions and her ups and downs which everyone has. It made her seem less like an untouchable celebrity and more of an everyday person, which converted me more to be a fan.


I wasn’t a super big follower of her’s before, but after watching the documentary her new album has been stuck in my head when I would’ve normally just noticed her Top 10 hits. I followed her on Instagram and am excited for her next album whenever that is.



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