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Boxes, boxes, boxes! Our writers love to try new things and they are not afraid to share their opinions on their experiences. A few girls got together and decided to write about their own box subscription and why they do or don't recommend them.



Olivia Wickline - Birchbox:

Let’s just say I don’t love my Birchbox subscription. The beauty box comes with five different hair, fragrance, skin, and makeup products. Only, the often repeat items month to month. I’ve gotten the same dry shampoo three times - and often there’s no variation in types of products by month. I’ve gotten samples of the same lipstick twice, and even after you change your preferences online, there is a disconnect where you don’t actually know when you’re going to be seeing changes in the products in your box.

The box design and the postage associated with Birchbox are the only redeeming qualities of the subscription. Bright designs and seasonal packaging make for a fun little gift every month. Because I received a subscription to Birchbox as a Christmas present last year- these monthly boxes are even more like a gift than average. If I paid for the Birchbox subscription myself I would have ended it and switched it to a different brand of beauty box.

That being said, it was one of the first types of monthly subscription boxes that were delivered to your door. I feel as if the company hasn’t changed to become superior to their competition, and rather, has fallen behind to the likes of Ipsy and the sort. It’s a fine box if you really enjoy trying different hair products out, but in my opinion, your money is better spent elsewhere.



Alyson Munson - Influenster

Influenster is not really a monthly box subscription, it's more of an incentive program. Getting the app or using the website is free, and there are no fees included EVER. All you have to do is regularly update reviews from products you use and ones that they send you.

You basically gain points and credit by spending more time on the app or online making reviews and leaving comments on others reviews. This builds your credit so that they will send you a box full of things and as you continue to receive boxes and review them on time you upgrade to higher grade items. It works really well if you have time to actually sit down and review the products, but I know when I get really busy at school and work I don't have the time.

Sometimes it does get a little bit harder to keep up with but the incentives of more free products can keep you going back. The items they send range from foods to makeup and hair products, pretty much anything companies want to gain consumers opinions on for marketing and quality purposes. Some of the products I have received are ones that I continue to purchase because of how much I liked them, and I'm constantly trying to upgrade to better products as I leave reviews, it's definitely a good service to use if you've got the time. 


Alex Sienerth - Ipsy

I am a firm believer in subscription packages. Sending yourself a monthly gift of surprises has to be the best idea ever thought of. There are few things in life that I love more than getting a cute little package in the mail. The only subscription box I have joined so far has been Ipsy.

You get 5 samples a month all inside a reusable makeup bag (which are usually adorable). You take a quiz when you first sign up which tells them the basics, like your skin tone and what kind of stuff you like. So far I haven't been disappointed. I normally get high-quality products that I actually love to use. I’ve gotten Tarte, Urban Decay, Colourpop, Elizabeth Mott, and tons more.

Even better, having your subscription gets you in on using their app which offers insane discounts on name brand cosmetic brands. There is even a point based system which gets you extra goodies. All of this and it's only $10 a month. I recommend it to anyone who loves beauty, makeup, or just loves themselves. It’s like your birthday every month!



Sorya Nasir - Boxy Charm

I am a firm believer in the value of: “Treat yo self”. Every month, my small treat to myself is my box subscription. I made the commitment about 5 months ago when I saw an ad for Ipsy. Alas, I did not end up getting an Ipsy subscription, but when I googled it, another one came up called Boxycharm. Boxycharm is a subscription box that comes once a month with 4-6 full-size products. I absolutely love this box. It’s what I look forward to every month. I would 10/10 recommend. I have received products from M.A.C., Tarte, ColourPop, PÜR and other great brands. The products they send me range from eyeshadow palettes, brushes, lipsticks, eyelashes, and much more.


Unfortunately, this box is a little bit more expensive than other makeup boxes -it’s $21-, but it’s the only one that sends full-size products. Each box also has a retail value of over $100 so, in my opinion, it is definitely worth it.  


In my life, I’ve made a lot of quick, rash decisions, but this is one that I am very happy about.


Love you, Boxycharm. Thanks for making every month great!



Other box subscriptions that are definitely something to look into:


  • Nothing is better than new, crisp underclothes. BootyBag is a $12 subscription that’ll send you a few new pairs of cute underwear once a month.


  • Enjoy box subscriptions? So does your dog! BarkBox is $30 monthly box that will send your best friend new toys, organic food, and treats!

Club W

  • I love wine, but buying bottles can definitely start to add up. Club W is a club that will send you three bottles a month, each new and different and each for a bottle for only $13!

Tea Sparrow

  • I am more of a wine girl, but tea is also great. For $20 a month, Tea Sparrow will send you four different types of tea, which can make you a minimum of 35 cups!



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