Dating Apps: Our Experience

We all know dating is hard so dating apps seem to be the go-to way to get a date. Three of the most popularly used apps (Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge) function about the same way but have a few key differences. Here is all of the scoop you need to help find your dream companion, or at least someone good enough for the time being.


Ahhhh good old Tinder. Swipe right on pictures for people you like, swipe left for people you’d rather not meet. Swipe up to “Super Like” someone. When this person comes across your profile as they’re swiping, they’ll be able to see that you super liked them which is a pretty decent compliment in my opinion as you can only “Super Like” someone once in a day. There are so many people on tinder, so chances of finding someone you think is attractive is relatively high. The chance of falling in love and being the next Tinderella?... maybe a bit slim. Be prepared to sift through some creeps, some weirdos, and some people you would rather avoid. Let the Tinder games Begin!


Pretty much the same principle as Tinder but women get much more power here. When two people match, the man cannot message first and the woman gets 24 hours to message the man or else the match gets deleted all together. There is no rule for same-sex matching. Besides the dating portion, Bumble also has a friend and business section in which someone can expand their social and business network.


Hinge requires you to fill out a lot more information than Tinder or Bumble. It also allows you to filter from those characteristics in other people to help you find exactly what you want. In order to message someone, you have to “like” something on their profile and gives you to write a message with the “like” to start a conversation.


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