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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Not one person is always right ALL the time…especially customers. Much like pedestrians, customers do not ALWAYS have the right of way. Just like there is obviously a certain way/time to cross the street, there is an obvious way to not speak to an employee (or anyone in general). And that way is not by screaming at the employee, demanding things and being rude and degrading. It’s become too much of the norm for customers to scream at employees until they get what they want even when they don’t really deserve or need it. Companies and managers just comply because they don’t want the bad business but when is it too much? When is it okay to objectify your employees to such harassment? Does the employee’s suffering outweigh the business’ success?



There is a very clear difference between raising your voice and being stern with businesses when you believe you are being screwed over or if there is a legitimate problem but then there are cases where people just start a fuss because they know that if they do, they will get what they want and then some. Since when did we start becoming greedy little children that can’t handle our problems like adults? Nine times out of ten, employees would be more than happy to help you if there was an issue and even more so if you maintain a calm and kind demeanor. No one goes to work wanting to get yelled at all day especially when the things they are being yelled at for is out of their control. Many people also start being rude to employees that don’t even deserve it because they aren’t the correct people to file a complaint to, it’s just easier to pick on them because they are right there. The truth is that worker can’t fix the problem. Most of us don’t have the authority to fix the problems that many people come in with. Some are doable but some are out of our hands and customers need to realize that.


Not only are customers taking their anger out like children on the wrong people because they aren’t getting what they want, the increase in selfish, impatient, and rude behaviors is skyrocketing. Since when was it polite to start tapping a card or smacking the counter to get an employees attention when it is very clear they are working on someone else? Or when did it become acceptable to bark demands at people or throw things at them? I can answer those questions – it’s never. We are all humans and we are all just trying to make a living and earn our place in this world. No one deserves to be treated like garbage especially at work when I’m sure that is the last place they want to be.



What does degrading a worker and ruining their job and day do for you? Instead of throwing a fit that someone isn’t going fast enough, maybe stop and think about what you would do in that position of a backed up line and being by yourself.

When a worker says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that”; instead of becoming rude and having an attitude maybe put the phone down for five seconds, make eye contact and speak in a loud enough, clear voice that they can understand you.

Many problems arise from the simple lack of person to person communication skills. You don’t need to be blaring your music or your face stuck on your phone when ordering. You don’t need to tap your belongings or sigh when someone is taking too long. And you definitely don’t get to degrade a human being for making a mistake or for something that is out of their control.

In the end, I think it’s important to remember one crucial thing when speaking to an employee (or anyone for that matter) – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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Brittany is a senior Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior major with a minor in Communications in Art & Mass Media. Along with being a member of Her Campus, she is a member of Theta Phi Alpha and Lion Ambassadors. She is the Coordinator of Publicity for Project Paws and Event Planning Chair for our very own HerCampus. Brittany LOVES to craft in her spare time and is quite the animal and nature lover. Instagram: brittanyt6 Twitter: @brittany_t6
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