Coming Home for the Holidays

Being home for the holidays can be super stressful. I personally have become someone that really values my alone time, away from other humans, a hermit if you will. However, when I have to leave the cocoon of my apartment and go home to my parent’s house for holiday breaks I find myself more stressed than I am during finals week. I don't know about you, but when I am home I am expected to seamlessly intertwine back into the family life. No one taking into consideration that for a large part of my day I am a blanket burrito on my couch, not speaking to a single soul.


For me having to go back to the bustling home that my parents have can be something that is so stressful, I can actually start to feel migraines forming. Which I know sounds overdramatic but come to dinner with my family and you'll understand. There are entirely too many people some days with a whole lot of attitude over a whole lot of nothing. Of course, there are the typical errands that I have to run, whether that is having to take people to the doctor, picking up groceries, or now that I am 21 the occasional case of beer from the local drive-thru beer distributor. The most amazing invention if you ask me since I can't seem to carry anything other than a backpack.


Since coming to college I have become independent and really enjoyed being able to do what I want when I want. Sure some ideas aren't the smartest, like staying up until 3 am, eating ice cream for dinner, and rearranging my house to avoid responsibilities. However, all of these things are seemingly impossible when I am home. I find that I have to adhere to rules that I did not know were there. I have to let people know where I am at all times, and the biggest kicker is I cannot leave without saying where exactly I will be going, whom will be there, and when I will be back. I have super strict parents so some of you may not be used to the harsher rules.


I'll be honest there is a learning curve that I have to adjust to with being home, but getting to see my parents does make up for it. Sure they're stressful and at times a little crazy but it wouldn't be my life as I know it without a little bit of craziness everywhere.




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