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How to: Wear Mixed Prints

Print matching can be a tedious thing to do; not to mention that it is one the most daunting fashion trends to follow. It takes practice to mix prints, and at first some combinations will seem odd but once you master it, you will have hundreds of new outfit options in your closet.


  1. Pick a Strong Print: The first step is to pick your bold piece, whether it’s a glitter blazer, polka dot pants, or floral skirt; base your outfit around this central piece.
  2. Decide your color family: Based on your star piece, choose a color that is in the same palette as your print. For example, if you picked a floral skirt and it has pink in it, make pink your main color palette to choose from. If your piece does not share a color, stick to neutrals. The key basically is to match colors, not prints.
  3. Mix prints of different scales: Once you have your bold print, scale it down with a smaller or simpler print. For example, if your floral skirt has white or black in it as well, you can mix it with a striped shirt.
  4. Stick to two: Avoid using more than two prints, after two it becomes overpowering. If your look needs a third piece, go with a neutral like a white blazer to match your floral skirt ensemble.
  5.  Break up patterns: using a belt is one of the best ways to break up similar patterns.
  6. Accessorize suitably:  Accessories are important, they can make or break the outfit. Try to focus on solid colors or neutrals like a rose gold watch or a pink clutch.

Those are your steps to proper print mixing, once you get the hang of it try taking more risks and mixing more graphic prints!


  1. Give textures a try: If print matching is too intimidating for you, give textures a try. You can mix lace and ruffles or leather and jean, etc.
  2. Polka Dots and Stripes: Polka Dots and Stripes are the easiest prints to match; black and white creates a classically chic look. You can always add a hint of color with a statement necklace, heels or bag.

The last thing is… Have fun with it and be yourself!


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