Chris Shepherd '18

This week’s campus profile is none other than the fun and adventurous Chris! Most of the time, you can find him reppin’ his letters or skating across campus. No matter where, he’s spreading some good vibes. Here’s a peek:


Chris Shepherd


Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Hometown: Endwell, NY  

Campus Involvement: MMG, KDR, Behrend soccer club

Do you have any hobbies? Listening to people

What’s your ideal date? Being with my best friend, having sushi on the beach at sunset. (I've done it once and it was amazing)

So you’re in Kappa Delta Rho, what’s the best part of your brotherhood for you?

Having trustworthy people that will do anything you for. I don't have friends, just family. And I would do anything I can to help my family.


You’re an outgoing person, but do you have any advice for new students who might not be so extroverted? Just be yourself and try something new. If you are yourself people with respect you and you will be happier. If you try something new you will prove to yourself that the hardest part is taking the first step. But the first step isn't hard at all!

Is there anything you’ve learned since coming to college besides academics? Anything in life can be accomplished if you have the right work ethic and know people.

What’s something on your bucket list (or something you’ve always wanted to do)? Go skydiving

Is there something you really want to accomplish before you graduate? I want to make the most out of college. I want to do everything. But most importantly I wanna graduate in 4 years. I wanna beat the statistic.

What do you value most in life? The people I meet along the way.

What do you value in relationships? To love the other person for who they are and to challenge each other to be a better person everyday.


What’s your dream job? Automotive safety tester


Thank you for giving our collegiettes a look into your fun-filled life! HCXO