Chic Winter Coats for the Snowpocalypse

Winters in Erie get VERY cold (i’m talking negative degrees and 50+ inches of snow cold), so anyone here has to be prepared for the worst when it comes to weather. Staying warm and looking cute can be a struggle, but we’re here to help! Check out our favorite winter coats that are both cute and practical!


1. The Teddy Coat


These are one of the newest styles we’ve been loving lately! These coats are everywhere in a variety of styles and colors. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also insanely warm. No matter what you’re wearing, one of these in a neutral tan or black will match it all!



2. The Anorak Coat


This is one that you’ve probably seen everywhere, but for good reasons. These coats are pretty cute while also being super practical. Many options feature a bunch of pockets, a hood, and super warm lining to protect you from the elements.



3. The Classic Wool Coat


These are usually a hit or miss kind of coat. Some stores have cute styles in very thick material that keeps you warm, while others are thinner and used just for the aesthetics. These are most effective when you wear warm clothes underneath, but it’s better to stay warm with a heavier option. Pair this coat with a cute scarf and hat combo and you’ve got the perfect classic look for any chilly winter day!



4. The Moto Jacket


A personal favorite of mine, these coats are usually known for the popular thin leather styles. Many stores today took their inspiration from these jackets and created a thicker option that would better suit people in colder climates (like Erie). Add a beanie and a hoodie underneath and you’ve got the perfect laid-back outfit for class!


5. Fur


Everyone loves a good (faux) fur! These coats have been popping up everywhere in all different textures, cuts, and styles. If you love being extra (like me), a fur coat is a necessity. Dress it up to go out, or down for class. Wherever you decide to rock this coat, it will for sure be a hit.


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