Campus Cutie: Norween Salalac

Norween Salalac is well known around campus for being the life of the party, a friend who is always there, and a dedicated student who is as cute as a button! His personality is incredibly infectious and fun-loving, which is why he's this week's Campus Cutie!
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Biology
The Basics
Favorite book: "Oh my gosh, Hunger Games!"
Favorite Movie: "That's hard...I love scary movies."
Favorite Store: "I guess you can say Walmart...I always go there."
Most Listened to Song: "Oh my gosh, definitely 'Hello' by Adele. I sing it everywhere I go.'s me..."
Favorite Class at Behrend: "I really did love Organic Chemistry."
Campus Activities: "Tennis, Volleyball, and Kappa Delta Rho."
Campus Posse: "The tennis squad, the Tres Amigos (my friends Omkar and Odessa), my brothers, and the AST Squad."
General Interests:" Dr. Who..wait oh my gosh, I love rice! Please just give me rice right now. My snapchat even has a rice emoji. Add me! @DrSalalac"
Little Known Fact: "I wasn't born in the US. I was born in the Phillipines, where it's always sunny."
Girls, Girls, Girls
Relationship Status: "Single."
What do you look for in a girl: "She has to like rice...I want her to laugh at my jokes and she can handle my sass."
Turnoff: "When girls wear too much makeup and doubt themselves."
Celebrity Crush: "Actually, I really like Jennifer Lawrence. She's a good role model for girls; she's pretty hot too. She's not fake, and she likes to eat! Pretty sure she likes to eat rice."  
Best of the Rest
Proudest Accomplishment: "Being the first one in my family to go to college and...hopefully get a job too!"
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: "That's long. Right now, I'd like to be a researcher dealing with cancer and genetics. I want to help in the future." 
Three words to describe yourself: "Funny, loyal, and genuine." 
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