Brandon (Btom) Thomas

Name: Brandon Thomas

Hometown: Butler, PA

Degree: Computer Engineering

Organizations: At Behrend I was in greek life and helped with Welcome Week, jointly leading it leading into my senior year

Occupation: Systems Analyst


This or That

Coffee or Tea: I’ve been getting into loose leaf tea lately, but I drink both

Day or Night: I was a night person all through college but working a normal job has forcibly turned me into a morning person

Dog or Cat: I’m allergic to cats, so dogs win by default

Warm or Cold: Cold but not too cold, 55-60 F is an ideal temperature for me

Movies or Books: books, especially after graduating I have a lot more time to be able to read


What has the “real world” been like after graduating from Behrend?

It’s been very good to me - since graduating I’ve found a job, gotten engaged to my beautiful fiancé Nici, and we have two dogs together.


What was your fondest memory at Behrend?

It’s hard to pick just one moment, but all the people I met and friends I made were what I remember most fondly - and of course if I hadn’t gone to Behrend I could have never met Nici. It doesn’t quite count but my favorite memory after school was proposing to her - she had no idea it was coming and I’m still proud that I pulled it off.

Do you enjoy “adult life”?

Absolutely - it’s much less stressful than college! It’s also fascinating to me learning about how industries in the real world work. The only thing I miss, like most grads, is not having to pay back student loans.


Is there anything you would change if you could go back to college?

The only thing I would have done differently is getting involved on campus earlier - I didn’t join KDR until spring of my sophomore year which was my gateway to becoming more involved in campus.


How did you meet your fiancé​?

Nici and I met through Greek life after she joined ASA, and I asked her at cardboard city if she wanted to go on a date to which she surprisingly said yes. Since it was October we went to a haunted house for our first date, and we’ve been together ever since!


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Married and living in a big city somewhere - Nici and I are still talking together about where we want to go, but ultimately it will probably be wherever we can both finds jobs. On the career side, I’m hoping to be able to take on more leadership roles five and more years out.


What is it like being a dog dad?

A lot of work - I thought I was ready for how much work it would be but I still wasn’t prepared. It’s a lot of fun too though, and moving somewhere with a backyard has definitely made it easier to handle them.

Any advice for current Behrend students?

Not to worry that your degree is going to be what you do for the rest of your life - it’ll hopefully get you your first job out of school, but you’ll pick up new skills at that job that could let you switch to something else completely. I only graduated two years ago and I’m already doing something completely different than what I thought I’d be doing after graduation.


Thank you for a wonderful interview Btom! HCXO