Boot(y), Boot(y), Boot(y), Boot(y) Rockin’ Everywhere

Time to put away your flip-fops and break out your boots, ladies!

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and everywhere you look, something else is pumpkin spiced. These are all classic indications that fall is right around the corner.

When the seasons change, it is more than necessary to switch out your crop tops for sweaters and your wedges for your favorite boots; not only for warmth, but to keep up with the trends of fall fashion.

For some lucky Collegiates, it will be the first season that they break out their coveted L.L. Bean Boots. As a proud owner of a pair since 2012, I can say I’m a real OG. I was definitely not on the 100,000-name waiting list that surfaced last fall/winter season. But, I did know more than a few friends and classmates who waited months for a pair, and I can’t say that I blame them.

L.L. Bean has been making their signature leather-and-rubber boots for over one hundred years, and last year their annual sales quadrupled due to the publicity these boots received through several areas of social media, and most importantly, on college campuses.

Last fall, Bean Boots were a staple of my fall wardrobe, especially with my favorite pink rag wool socks. Fast-forwarding into late fall/early winter, I started to receive daily comments on my boots: “Oh my god, how did you get your Bean Boots so fast?” “Where did you get those?” “I just ordered mine!” All around campus, I could see more and more people wearing a form of the Bean Boot- whether it was the Sperry Duck Boot, or a different look-alike.

L.L. Bean has created the perfect match to Erie’s ever-so-confusing seasons. Like when the calendar says April, but the snow on the ground makes it feel like December. Or when it’s a rainy fifty degrees as you head to your 8 a.m. class, but bright and sunny as you leave campus- one thing is for certain, your feet will be warm and dry, even if you aren’t.

These boots are a timeless and classic addition to anyone’s wardrobe- but especially useful for keeping Behrend students’ feet warm and dry, and in turn, helping them keep their sanity and concentration. Because who can learn the table of Elements when they don't have the proper boots to brave the outdoor elements?

In the next few weeks, I am more than certain I will start to see my fellow Bean Boot-ers walking around campus generating more and more buzz about the handcrafted, popular footwear. So, Collegiates, if you are in need of a new boot, then log on now and order up, no one wants to be waitlisted- especially for these babies! But, who are you kidding? You always need a new boot- Happy Fall!