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Binge-worthy Shows for a Long Deserved Break

BREAK IS FINALLY HERE COLLEGIETTES. I REPEAT. BREAK IS FINALLY HERE. We now finally have the time to sit down and enjoy guilt-free Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate. To get into the spirit of free time, our writers got together to help you spend this well deserved time off binge-watching some of OUR favorite shows:

1. My binge worthy show is Fuller House! Abby and I just started watching the second season last night, actually. Fuller House is definitely a good binge worthy show if you grew up watching Full House because it offers the same, but more modern, comedic relief from a show you grew up watching. Also, a lot of the same characters are in this so it feels like it never really ended. Not to mention, the episodes are short, sweet and really funny.

-Brittany Thomas


2. Narcos: it's based on the life of pablo Escobar and it shows a side about drug dealers that you don't see very often. I know it might be weird to watch a show like this but trust me, it's so addictive. If you like action and drama and a tv shows that basically suck you in, this is the show for you!

FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother: I won't ever admit out loud how many times I've rewatched each of these shows, but they're always my go-to's for when I need a good, light-hearted laugh. 

ANY Netflix documentary: Netflix knows how to do documentaries, man. Whether it's *Cooked*, *The True Cost* or *Making A Murderer*, you'll be guaranteed to find a documentary that you like. 

If you're interesting in international TV shows, Netflix has a more than decent selection of tv shows, anything from telenovelas to anime, you'll be sure to find something you like! 


3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's a classic and it's always on Netflix. It pulls you in with the character's relatable, and the constant butt kicking is an added plus.

-Miles Turner


4. Another good show to binge watch, which I am doing right now, is Supernatural! It's basically about these two brothers who are ghost hunters! You think it would be stupid but it really draws you in and there are a few episodes that are creepy but it is also so, so funny! One of the brothers named Sam was in Gilmore girls as Dean, who is his brother's name in Supernatural ! And funny thing is that his brother in supernatural is named dean ! But other than that, it's just a really unique show that anyone would like once they start getting into it.

-Elysa Guerrero


5. Either Bob's Burgers when you're in need of a good laugh, or Sex and the City which is an all-time favorite of mine. Currently though, I'm more than hooked on Shameless - you never know what is going to happen.

-Kayla McEwen


6. Charmed

- Nici Cortes, Alicia Matos


7. The Carrie Diaries. sadly only two seasons but I've watched it three times! It is amazing.

-Alex Sienerth


8. I would recommend How I Met Your Mother because it showcases a group of friends all in different times of their lives even though they're all together. Each character shows different aspects of love that we can experience at some point in our lives, and they demonstrate the means that we go through to get it. It's not even just love, but also work and friendship, while also adding humor to it. 

- Jen Alveranga 


9. I'm going to watch Making a Murderer. The thought process of these people are really intriguing yet really screwed up.

-Marissa Knox

11. I really like Flash and Arrow! If you like super heroes you'll love it. And also the 100, it's the perfect show to binge watch plus all the seasons are up to date on Netflix so you'd be up to date with the show! Plus it's such a thriller! You'll be on the edge of you're seat! And Finally!!! PRISON BREAK!! It's sooo addictive and the characters are so complex!

- Daniella Diaz

12. I've been really into the flash, that 70s show, and i'm rewatching jersey shore it's the best lmao.

- Allison Munson

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