The Best Spooky SZN Podcast

Podcasts. One of the many gifts from the millennial generation.  Whether you already listen to podcasts or need a suggestion to get started on, let me help.  One of my favorite podcasts is a true crime/paranormal podcast called And That’s Why We Drink!  From the creative genius of Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, ATWWD is the perfect podcast to start listening to this Halloween season.  

Every episode, Em, (Team Milkshake) who is a paranormal investigator turned Hollywood prop maker turned podcaster pulls out all the stops to tell the most genuine and well-researched story they can find.  Christine (Team Wine) follows up with an intense true-crime story to balance everything out for the perfect mix of ghosts and crime. And of course, they have the lovely Eva to assist them (“Eva, write that down!”) and the wonderful, gorgeous, star of the show, Gio!  They are currently on a tour in the U.S. (insert “please come to Pittsburgh!” wish) sharing their knowledge of ghosts, murder, and hydration with audiences across the country.

From Casper the Ghost to Amityville Haunting and from H.H. Holmes to Robert Durst, Em and Christine have created an endearing podcast filled with great stories, heartwarming friendships, and enough drinks for you to stay hydrated all day

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