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Bernie Sanders: A Great Nominee or A Dividing Line for Democrats?

Are you ready to feel the Bern? 

Bernie Sanders, he was the talk of all conversation in the 2016 election but fell short of getting the Democratic nomination for the general election. During his campaign, he built a large dedicated following. It became so strong that after losing the Democratic spot in the 2016 election many of his supporters refused to vote or voted 3rd party which is a very big reason why Donalds Trump is currently our President. 

Recently Sanders has announced that he is going to be running in the 2020 election. Personally, I am a huge fan of Bernie and would love to see him as president, however, I believe him running in 2020 is going to cause similar problems as it did in 2016. 


Despite that, Sanders is coming in very strong with a lot of power in this election. In the first 24 hours of his campaign, he raised over 5 million dollars. Although he fell short during the last election, he is working hard to ensure he is a front runner and as if the giant fork of money on the first day doesn’t say something, his huge cult following behind him definitely does. 

Bernie has become one of the top candidates among young adults. He fuels their fire and he advocates for many issues and ideologies that they can stand behind. He is the progressive candidate that is ready to make a change. He doesn’t want to just run. He doesn’t just want to win. He wants to change America and the way that it is currently running. He is running a campaign that is quite different that is much more personal. He is running a platform that fights for a higher minimum wage, addresses the wealth inequality, reshapes climate change, and betters healthcare for all. 


If we look at what he has going for him in this election, he definitely has a chance on at least making it to the 2020 general election. He is a strong candidate and a front runner this year, however, will it be enough? Will he have what it takes to take on and fight against Trump. Will he be enough to fight and achieve victory, or will we have a repeat of the 2016 election where Democratic voters decide that they would rather risk a man like Donald Trump running the nation?

All we can hope that Sanders is able to hold his platform and pull through this upcoming election and if not, that his supporters will support the Democratic nominee so that Trump can finally leave the office. No one wants a repeat of the 2016 election, but it is an honest fear of many. Because it is very early in the election process, there are many things that are uncertain, however, only time will tell on this one. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our voices heard. It’s not going to be an easy election for the Democrats, it’s going to be a fight but it’s one they are willing to work for in hopes to actually make America great. 


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