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Behrend Traditions Before Graduation

With graduation coming quicker than some may like and not quick enough for others, there are bound to be some Behrend traditions to brush up on. Before you graduate, make sure to check off your list of things to do before leaving Erie. Here are a few of our writer’s must-see things at Behrend!


Olivia Wickline:

Stargaze on the hill in between Almy/Ohio and OBS. Lay a blanket down at the top of the hill, and you’re at one of the highest points on campus. It’s pretty dark because a majority of buildings are below you while the trees shade the light coming from the buildings beside you. Play some music and talk about life when the rest of campus is asleep.


Alina Sharkey:

1. Go to Sara’s

2. Go to Presque Isle and watch the sunset

3. Jet ski on the lake in the summer

4. Go to the gorge 


Alyson Munson:

1. The Bicentennial Tower- you can sit at the bottom and just enjoy the bay, or you can climb all the way to the top and see an amazing view of the entire city!

2. Sara’s – the best food to eat in the summertime, and their ice cream is legendary

3. The peninsula (obviously) – taking a ride around the peninsula really helps to see all the different things to do and it has a great view of the bay from the other side! 

4. The beach in winter – it almost looks like a completely different place, the dunes are insanely dangerous to walk on but they look amazing from the sand areas. 


Kayla McEwen:

1. Going to the Breakfast Place on E 38th St. after a long weekend. You may see have the school there looking a little green, but their specialty pancakes are more than worth it.

2. El Canelo – It may not be the most standard tradition, but it was definitely one for my sorority.

3. Watching the sunset/looking at the stars at the top of the Burke parking garage. You can see everything from the top of the garage and trust me, it is absolutely breathtaking.


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