A Beginner’s Guide to the Zodiac

You’re scrolling through twitter and you see a list “signs as things I’ve noticed” or “signs as songs” come across your timeline; you don’t agree with the post. Why? It’s not for lack of knowledge or research on the post’s end, but rather, the sign associated with the post may be in a different part of your birth chart.


Your zodiac sign, and its aspects, goes beyond just the sun sign. At the most basic aspects of the birth chart, a cumulation of all different parts of your horoscope and zodiac, you have twelve planets with different ruling signs. There are also twelve houses which affect different aspects of your personality. Each sign in different houses gives detail on how you operate as whole and how you process things. These planets, along with the rest of the zodiac birth chart, are calculated based on three things: your birth date (including the year), the time you were born, and city you were born.

The parts of the zodiac that affect your most prevalent emotions are the sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, mercury sign, and venus sign.


Sun sign: This is the most basic planet of your zodiac sign. The most widely known, this is your ruling sign and affects your day to day life. The sun sign is your basic personality; your ego, motivation, your basic interests and likes and dislikes.



Moon sign: This planet affects your mood and emotions. It’s determined by which zodiac constellation the moon was in at your exact time of birth. It’s what makes you comfortable, how your express your emotions, and what you try to keep hidden. It governs both emotions like jealousy and anger along with emotions like great joy and what gives you pleasure.



Rising sign: This house is how people perceive you; This is why you might not agree with some of the zodiac memes being shared. Your rising sign, or ascendant, is in your houses not your planets and can change if you change your date of birth by a minute. (This is why knowing your birth time is very important when finding your birth chart.) This sign represents your public identity- your reputation. It also aides in decisions of your style, and generally how you want to show the world who you are in terms of your look.



Mercury sign: This planet affects how you think and communicate. This planet explains in general what you’re interested in and eager to learn about. This influences your language and writing, really any form of communication.



Venus sign: This planet affects your romantic relationships. The sign in this planet affects not only who you attract but how you attract them. This planet also affects what you find beautiful and works with your mercury sign in how you interact with people.



Each zodiac in these planets changes aspects of your personality, and when examined with all parts in mind, the most accurate version of your zodiac identity can be calculated.

To calculate your birth chart, along with a detailed expansion into each of your planets and houses and your signs in each of those part of the birth chart visit http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php



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