Back to School Looks

Unfortunately, it's time to switch the beach and the sunscreen for classrooms and textbooks. As we all start our first weeks of classes, order all of our books, and start accepting that sunsets at the beach and ice cream by the water will soon be studying in the library. There's one bright light in all of this: It's time to rock that back to school fashion. New clothes and new looks have always been a staple of the back to school season. You'll start to see back to school promos sales and events happening through all retail stores. So, hey, it's time to ditch the swimsuit and grab your favorite pair of denim. 

As we prepare to make it on the best-dressed list all semester long, let's take a look into some fashion trends we see coming into the 2019 school year that will make you feel cute and confident!

1. Let's bring back the plaid. Plaid is a staple for so many school uniforms, and also in the fall with the flannel trends. However, a more subtle white/black/grey plaid has made it into the non-school uniform back to school trends. A dress like this gives a cute/sexy spin on a classic look: 

2. Midi satin skirts. They come in all prints and are super easy to wear! You can find a print to fit anyone's style, and they look super cute without making you uncomfortable. I have started to see them pop up everywhere, they are dress code appropriate, even for high schools, and they spice up your look over wearing plain jeans or leggings!

3. Cheetah. Print. Leopard. Print. Every once in a while some kind of animal print pops up and becomes the hit trend of the year! A few years ago it was zebra print, but now it's definitely cheetah/leopard's time. 

4.  Chunky belts! Adding a belt to your look can take your simple jeans and t-shirt to something cooler and more fun to wear. It takes 30 seconds to add to your outfit and can make all the difference. 

5. The last thing is a classic-- Accessorize!! Adding necklaces, rings, and earrings, just like the belt, takes your look from a 5 to an 11. It's something simple that makes all the difference. And in the era of the VSCO girl, scrunches and shell necklaces are definitely the go to accessory this school year.

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