Are you Ready for the Penn State White Out?

The words, “are you ready for Penn State football?” have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family is huge Penn State fans, and I have been going to their football games with them since I was a toddler. Everytime I think of Penn State football one thing comes to mind, the white out game. I don’t know what it is about this game but it has been something so special to me. Everytime I attend the white out I get chills and start to tear up. I know it sounds crazy because it is just a football game and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter, but the atmosphere during the white out might be one of the most beautiful things ever. 


The opening kick of the game is something that you will remember forever. Something about the whole stadium being white, the enormous crowd is cheering, and the fireworks lighting up the night sky makes you feel so small, so tiny, but so comfortable. It is one of the greatest feelings that I have ever experienced. It is truly unforgettable. The fact that last year’s attendance was a record 110,889 is just crazy to me.  


This year’s game is against Michigan this Saturday at 7:30. Michigan might be one of my favorite teams to play. We have such a long history with this football team, and so much controversy surrounds this game. I love that. I love feeling the pressure of knowing that other big school want to see us lose. It makes the white out that much more exciting.


One big thing about this game is understanding how to prepare for it. It might seem like just any other football game, but it is not. One thing that I really recommend doing for this game is having an extra portable phone charger. Service is always sparse in Happy Valley during game day, but is extremely sparse during the white out due to the large population. Because of this, getting a hold of people is very difficult and will drain your battery fast. 


I asked my friend Megan Kirk, another Penn State fan since birth, some tips for the White out game and here were her ideas:



I know everyone is so excited for the day where they party the night before, wake up to go to College Gameday, then tailgate all day and barely make it to kickoff at 7:30. My biggest tip is to stay caffeinated. Whether your preferred method is coffee or energy drinks or a simple mid-day nap in the grass. Making sure your energy is up at the game is essential. My favorite are sugar-free Red Bulls when I need a pick me up! 




Stay hydrated.

  With being caffeinated and more than likely inebriated, staying hydrated will be a must! Although it won’t be that hot on a mid-fall day, hydration will be vital to making sure you’re feeling your best!


Source: Consumer Reports


Eat something.

So many of my friends always tell me that they didn’t eat anything while tailgating, but, like I said, this is an ALL DAY event. You’re gonna need to eat something, preferably something substantial, so you stay full for longer and don’t get too drunk too fast and miss the game. Find someone with a tailgate that has food, and not just booze, or walk around and talk to alums that are tailgating. They most likely will offer you food because everyone there is extremely lovely and wants to share! 




5. Bring your Penn State pride and energy.

This game depends on the crowd energy, that’s what makes it such an amazing atmosphere. Be into the game, cheer loudly, support the team, be the best fan that you can be. BE LOUD. 


Source: Penn State Football



  If you haven’t gotten the memo yet: at the whiteout game, you wear white. And I mean wear white, go all out. White shirt, white pants, white shoes, white accessories, white socks, and even white underwear. The more white, the better. 


Source: Penn State News


See ya in Happy Valley on Saturday! You better be in white!