Andrea Gaez Mosquera '18

Hometown: Panama City, Panama.

Major: Industrial Engineering.

Year: Junior.

Age: 22.

Relationship Status: Single.

Campus Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, ISO, Her Campus.




Food: I love all food, but Chinese food will always have a special place in my heart.

Color: I don't really have a favourite colour, but if you know me, then you know I love darker colours, like black, navy, burgundy, and I also looove white. See what I mean?

Artist/Band: I love The Maine, Vicente García, Kanye West, Maná, Lady Gaga and The Weeknd.

Hobby: I love reading and watching movies, but when I’m not doing that, you’ll find me going on hikes or nature walks or by the sea. I love being in contact with nature, because I feel like it calms me down and the scenery is always so pretty!

TV Show: I love Parks and Recreation, Narcos, Friends, House Of Cards, and Jane The Virgin.

Person: My mom.

Season: Autumn.

Holiday: I want to say Christmas, because I get to spent time with my family and I love buying presents, but I also love Halloween.


Why did you decide to come to Penn State Behrend?

Well, I originally got accepted to UP, but I didn’t like that it was so big and I felt intimidated by the size of the classes and quite frankly a little anxious and  they told me that they offered my major at Behrend, plus it was a smaller campus, and that’s how I decided Behrend would be the best option for me. Also, they told me winters weren’t that bad here...which was obviously a lie.


Why did you want to join Her Campus/What is your position?

I initially heard from Her Campus because Lexie, our former president, and I were in the same sorority and one day she started telling me about it and I thought it was such a cool concept that I became immediately interested. I’m currently Senior Editor.


Why did you want to join ASA?

Despite having studied abroad before, I was super nervous about coming here and I went to club showcase and there I started talking to a girl from ASA that invited me to an event that same night. I originally wasn’t planning on going, but my roommate wanted to join too, so she forced me to go with her and here I am, 3 years later, glad I joined. I was looking for a family away from home -I know how corny that sounds, and I found it.


How has the sorority changed you?

Being in a sorority has helped me manage my time a lot better, since we have so many meetings, events and activities going on and how to prioritise my time. It made me realise how important it is to spend my time doing something I care about.


What do you miss about home?

My friends and family, obviously, but I miss being able to move easily in the city. I love that Behrend is surrounded by nature, but I was a born and raised in the city and so I find myself always missing that buzz. Also, the food. I freaking miss the food.


How close are you with your family?

Growing up, not so much, since I’m 6 years younger than my oldest sister and 4 years younger than my other sister so I was always the ‘annoying’ little sister trying to be like them and go everywhere they went, which obviously they didn’t like. But now, my mom, my sisters and I are super close. I’ve also grown closer to the rest of my family, now that I’m not an angsty teenager.


How does your culture differ from culture here?

It obviously differs a little bit, but since the US military was in Panama for so long, the Latino culture and the American culture have kind of fused. We’re still proud Latinx and we rejoice in our national culture, but we have a few American customs integrated in our day to day lives.


What is your dream career/goals after graduation?

My dream job would be to have my own business, eventually. That’s definitely my main goal. However, I also love to write, so maybe something in that area would be pretty awesome to be honest.


Do you plan on staying here or going back to Panama?

I love my friends and the experiences I’ve had here in the US, but I don’t plan on staying long after graduation… The US is going through some political and social changes that make it hard for me to see a steady future here. Plus, I can barely make it through a semester without seeing my family and I don’t think I could make it. But who knows?


What do you like most about being here?

This might sound a little contradictory, but I love the scenery around Behrend. I love being able to walk around campus and having so much contact with nature. I think we also tend to take for granted how close we can get with our professors and what a tight-knit community we have, something you can't really experience in most campus.


A piece of advice?

My advice would be to not be afraid. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and make new friends and put yourself out there, because what you go through and who you meet can definitely help you in the future. Go to class! If you spend more time paying attention, you'll spend less time with homework and hopefully studying will be a little bit easier, which all adds up to more time to have fun. Embrace your quirks, they're what make you special. And finally, don’t compare your successes with others and don’t chase anyone else’s dream but your own. We each have our own journeys in life, so just make sure yours counts!

Thank you to our wonderful Senior Editor for this perfect interview! HCXO