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During this Thanksgiving break, I texted my friend to hang out and I made sure I gave myself at least an hour before she had to come pick me up. Why? Because I’m always late. Ok, maybe not always, but I can safely say that 7/10 times I’m running late -and I know my friends can vouch for this. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it is something that I have accepted about myself and I try really hard to work on every day. And I do mean really try. Because of this, I’ve accumulated a few situations that you might run into if, like me, you’re always late:


  • When you can’t find your keys/wallet/headphones: My apartment can be spotless and more organized than it has ever been and my keys will still find a way to disappear. I legitimately don’t know how this happens, but every time it drives my anxiety up the wall and I end up taking way more time to find them.


  • Miscalculating how much time I have to get ready: This is definitely a combination of thinking I have more time in a day than I do and getting a little ambitious with it or simply procrastinating with some good ole Netflix. The way I’ve been able to be better at managing my time is actually setting up time to get ready before I go anywhere.


  • When the universe is working against you: Somedays, things just aren’t going my way… Some days you have an actual legitimate excuse for being late other than poor time management. Whether it’s unexpected traffic or a sudden emergency, things come up from time to time that sadly, we can’t control.


  • When your excuse just doesn’t add up: Now, if you’re someone who’s frequently late, here’s my advice: don’t lie! I know lying is easier than admitting that you just didn’t take enough time to get ready or that you just had to get coffee and it took longer than you thought it would, but lying just leads to having to remember something that didn’t happen and that’s when you might get caught in a lie. Just be honest and that way you won’t have to remember more stuff and clutter your brain!


  • When your alarm all of the sudden turns on you: Or worse, when you forget to set your alarm or when you set it for 6 pm instead of 6 am -because you’re human after all and we all make mistakes. This one isn’t so much annoying, instead, it feels like such a betrayal from yourself and it’s so frustrating that I don’t even wanna talk about it anymore…


When you learn that doing things in a hurry only makes things worse: This is something that I grew up hearing all the time. Like I’ve mentioned already in this article but I want to mention it once more, I’m too ambitious with my time. I think I have all the time in the world when in reality I don’t, which inevitably makes me push things off and thus, I’m always in a hurry. If you know me, you know I’m always a ball of worry and stress hurrying to do something. But, like I have also mentioned somewhere in this article, I’m working on it!!

  • So you learn to do your makeup in the car/anywhere: This is a skill I wish I could put on my resume because it’s not easy doing your makeup in a moving car. It’s dangerous multitasking at it’s best and it’s definitely harder than it looks.


Every time you make your friends wait: I’m pretty sure at this point I can say this for everyone in your life that’s always late: WE ARE SORRY AND WE’RE NOT DOING IT ON PURPOSE. WE’RE SORRY! REALLY SORRY!


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