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Alum Spotlight: Nicole Norfolk

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.


You know that girl that is always busy, looking perfectly put together, phone in one hand, coffee on the other and somehow still has time to hang out with her friends? Well, that girl’s Nicole. From her days in Alpha Sigma Alpha to working at the Sight Center, Nicole sat down with us and let us catch a glimpse of how she’s done it. I hope you’re ready to take notes!


Name: Nicole Norfolk

Graduated: Class of 2018

Major: Communication and Media Studies

Hometown: Erie, PA

Organizations: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Her Campus, The Beacon



Food: Chipotle

Show: Schitt’s Creek

Animal: Sharks

Band: The Maine

Favourite Professor: Karrie Bowen

How has life been post-graduation?

It’s been pretty okay. I have a big girl job so that’s been exciting. It’s nice to finally have the funds to do pretty much all the things I want to do.

Is there anything you miss about college?

I miss the “flexible” schedule. I was always super busy, but every now and then I would (guiltily) skip a class or two to take care of myself. I miss my friends more than anything, though. I still see them, but I’m not staying up with them to sit in Burke and work on homework anymore so you kind of start to feel out of the loop a little.

Tell us about the Sight Center.

So, I started as the Marketing and Communication Intern for the Sight Center this past summer and stayed on for the fall semester as well. When my former internship boss texted me to tell me she would be leaving I decided to apply for her job. I ended up temping for them as they went through the hiring process and got them through their big “Margaritaville Event” with two weeks notice. They eventually decided to hire me so now I am their Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator. Currently, I’m working to raise awareness about our Diabetes Prevention Program as well as just general awareness of the Sight Center and the services we provide to those living with low and no vision.

How do you like working there?

I’m still adjusting to filling such a big role, so there has been a bit more of a learning curve than if I had the necessary experience they were looking for. For the most part, though, I enjoy what I do and being given the chance to help improve the quality of someone’s life by educating them on resources they can purchase so they can do every day things such as read the paper or balance their checkbook. I’m fulfilled by the work that I do, but I am also looking forward to the future (maybe a little too much) and potentially getting out of the nonprofit sector.

What are your future plans?

In the next couple of years, I am planning on leaving the Erie area to close the distance with my boyfriend. I like the kind of work that I am in, but I would still like something bigger or to maybe switch out of marketing and into event planning. Funny enough, I love to plan things down to the minute, but I hate planning my life out. I honestly don’t have a five-year plan other than to just play it by ear.

Any advice for current students?

Some of your professors might downright suck, but maybe don’t brush them off. Some of the things they have to say are actually worthwhile and you will come back to those lessons once you start working. I always hated the advice of “go to class” but OH MY GOODNESS GO TO CLASS. I know it can be boring and I know you’re just going to leave and teach it to yourself anyway, but you’re paying to be there and even if you’re only just barely listening, some of the things that are said may just stick with you. I am so guilty of skipping classes when I was a freshman and even a sophomore. I took school for granted and now I wish I could sit in an over-heated Kochel classroom for a few hours each week.



All images courtesy of Nicole Norfolk.