The All-Natural Period

As females, we all get them. It’s the moment we “become a real woman” because we can now biologically bare children. It’s something that we are told to hide from our brothers and fathers and something we deal with from a young age- not to mention for many years to come. Once a month, we must endure our hormonal changes and accept our menstrual cycle and the symptoms of it. Somehow, we’ve been told that periods are dirty, gross, and embarrassing. In reality, they are common and natural for reproduction and health.


In other countries, 80 percent of girls are not able to access clean water or hygiene products for their periods. These situations cause an increased chance of infections and inability to have children. Girls are shamed and told to skip school and prepare for marriage and thought to have no other purpose.

    It is deemed unacceptable for us to talk about periods. As if we will never learn the science of why girls have periods, we are told to keep it secretive. We become awkward and extremely careful of our actions and surroundings for a week because we need to make sure that no one knows what is happening within our bodies.

    When we have grown to the age where everyone is aware of what a period is, then it is used against us. It is thrown back at us. Whenever we are “too” angry or sad, our periods are blamed. We are asked if we are on our periods or PMS-ing, and somehow we become more ashamed and uncomfortable about something that is completely natural.

    We’re already grossed out and cautious enough by what is happening to our bodies. We have to make sure that we are not too comfortable, so we have to check ourselves hourly and make sure we aren’t staining our pants. If we wait too long, we are prone to infections. We are self-conscious of our smells, our reactions, our outfit, and the way we look. Some of us aren’t sure of the way we will react to things and when our next outburst will come. All of this is happening while we are dealing with cramps that might not even let us get out of bed.


It’s not a choice for us to have a period. There are ways for us to regulate them and make them a little less painful. Period shaming should not be a problem when we can’t have full control of what happens. We have to spend extra money on items such as tampons, pads, liners, birth control, pain killers, and heating pads. Witnesses are freaked out by all of this instead of accepting that it is natural within our bodies. We do not need the sympathy, but we also do not need to be shamed or embarrassed by it.

Possibly, when there is proper education for both genders on what a period really is, we can begin to accept it as something normal. Menstruation is not a fun trip, like the commercials will show you. It isn’t pretty, and sometimes we don’t even think it’s necessary because we know we aren’t pregnant. Menstrual taboo is immature and a stigma that should be changed. If it’s normal and all females experience, why is it so wrong to talk about it? We shouldn’t shame it, but accept it as it is. It’s an opportunity for us to have children, if we so please. It’s painful sometimes, but getting a regular period is healthy. Don’t be afraid to normalize something that helps and affects such a large population because we were told that things have to be one way.

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