AHS Apocalypse: Was It As Good As We Expected?

American Horror Story season 8 was a rollercoaster. It took us through a very interesting timeline and plot line. As we saw how the apocalypse came to be and the rise of the new supreme we wrapped up a lot of seasons. It was a joy to see one of my favorite seasons (season 3: Coven) be such a major storyline in this season. Fans all over the world were definitely excited to see the season collaboration, and with a lot of complaints regarding previous seasons, writers really had to knock this season out of the park.

I really wanted to love this season and even though there were some amazing parts, there were also a few parts of this season that just didn’t hit the mark. Let’s talk about the glimpse back to season 1, we all were very excited to see season one be wrapped up and finally get the answers we were all searching for. Everyone was thrilled to have a happy ending for Tate and Violet but in the end, none of that mattered, when taken back in time to stop Langdon all of the good that the witches did to tie up season one no longer existed so no happy ending for Tate and Violet and no heartwarming mother-daughter reunion. Not only did that not matter but basically the whole season didn’t matter, like at all. In the last episode, we are lead to believe that the next spawn of Satan is already back on the earth and the whole plot line will just start yet again. Why did we spend 10 episodes, and a strong desire for the witches to triumph just to have the whole thing start again with another kid, not even 50 years later? The whole creation of this child played such a big role at the end of season 1 to all find out that in season 8 it kinda didn't matter. It didn’t have to be Tate and it didn’t have to happen at Murder House for the spawn of Satan to be born, it could take two semi-special college students to make a demon baby. So this ending of the season also made that not matter. There are many alternative endings that many have thought of that would have ended it better, one including having Mallory be the Archangel defeating Michael that way. Which would have still kept events that happened earlier in the season and also having a more intense ending like promised, the Antichrist being defeated by a car is pretty anti-climatic.

So overall, where I was excited the whole season to have the witches back and ties to the other seasons, however,  the ending kinda ruined it for me. In my opinion, they took what could have been the best season and gave as a pretty lackluster season.