Adulting 101: How To Change A Tire

Imagine this. You’re driving home after a long day. All you want to do is go home, eat some chips and lay in bed but then suddenly BAM! Your tire pops. At this point you have two options; call a tow truck and wait at least an hour and have them take your car to a random shop or you can do it yourself. However, the problem is, you do not know how.

Well, ladies and gentlemen here is your guide on how to fix a tire. So whether you popped it on a pothole on a freeway or on a curb down the street of your house, read on and learn how to fix it without dealing with the tow truck and your insurance.




Step 1: Move your Car

Make sure it's out of the way, AKA do not change your tire in the middle of the road. Make sure you are somewhere safe, well lit and away from oncoming traffic. If you are somewhere such as the side of the road, make sure to put your hazard lights on!


Step 2: Loosen your nuts

Before jacking your car up, loosen the nuts on the car with a wrench. Why before? These nuts can be pretty tight and if you try to loosen them while the car is lifted, there is a pretty high chance that your car will fall off the jack. Also, when turning them, make sure you are turning left to loosen and do not feel discouraged if this takes a bit of time.

Pro Tip: Make sure your emergency brake is pulled. This will prevent tires from moving, which is super helpful when loosening and tightening nuts.


Step 3: Lift the Car

Although this is the thing people get intimidated by the most, it is probably the easiest step. On the bottom of your car, there is a little bar that is specifically made to make it easier to jack up your car. Many cars will also have a little space where they recommend placing the jack, so make sure you get a flashlight and find that little space to ensure your jack is lifting correcting and safely.

Pro Tip: Do not go under the car, especially when you are moving the car up or down. The chances of the car falling off a jack are low, however, why risk it?




Step 4: Remove your Tire

Since you have already loosened the nuts, the next step is super easy. With your hands, unscrew the nuts (remember to turn them left!) and put them somewhere where they will not get lost. Once those are off, use both hands to remove your popped/flat tire.

Pro-Tip: Put your tire down flat on the floor because no one wants to look like an idiot who is running after a tire that is rolling away.


Step 5: Replace the Tire

Now that your tire if off, just go ahead and replace it with your spare. Make sure the holes are all lined up so that the rest of your job is quick and easy.

Pro-Tip: Do not worry if your spare is smaller than the rest of your tires. It’s supposed to be! This tire is not meant to be driven on for weeks, so make sure you do in with a few days of changing that tire!




Step 6: Insert the Nuts

Your tire is on, now finish the job and re-insert those Nuts. Rather them turning them left, turn right to ensure they get tightened. This part should be done by hand and it is 1000% okay if they are not super tight. You will fix those at the end, but you want to just make sure they're on there for now.

Pro-Tip: If your nuts aren't going in, reposition your tire. The last thing you want is to strip your nuts so whatever you do, do not make them fit.


Step 7: Lower your Car

Now that your car is good as new (kinda) go ahead and lower it back down.


Step 8: Tighten nuts

Before you go and celebrate, tighten those bolts with your wrench! You want to get these pretty tight so don’t be afraid to use your muscles (or you can be like me and stand on the wrench…).




That’s it! Now in less than an hour, your car is fixed and drivable again! You did not have to spend 45 minutes on the phone with your insurance. You didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a tow truck. Plus, you are now a strong, independent person who can be ready for any (tire related) disaster!