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7 Restaurants You Didn’t Know Delivered

DoorDash has truly changed the game. In the past, if you wanted food delivered you had two options: pizza and Chinese food. Although both are great, sometimes you just need something new. DoorDash has made that possible and has given us access to tons of restaurants and different types of amazing foods. 


The Original Breakfast Place

Imagine waking up on Sunday morning. There is no need to get up and put makeup on. You can just go on your phone and get OPB delivered to your door.


No need to imagine because you can!




That’s right. So whether it’s a late Friday night or midday study session, you can have your burger, fries and whatever else delivered to you!




The true game changer. Those chips, that quac, your custom bowl; all delivered to your door. Delivery is available in most of Erie, however, unfortunately, Behrend is not one of those places.



Taco Bell

Now you don’t have to ask if your friends want to go to taco bell. You can sit, relax, even play boardgames and have that nacho del grande and Baja Blast handed to you in as little as 30 minutes.




Haven’t heard of Dabrowski’s? It’s a small, local polish restaurant with the best perogies around and amazing pancakes (and a bunch of other breakfast foods) that you can get delivered to your door!!



El Amigo

You know what’s the worst? When you are craving some good Mexican food but the roads have been covered in snow and ice. Now there’s no need to drive downtown! Get your enchiladas, flautas, and churros delivered right to you!



Keurig no longer doing it for you? Clarke doesn’t have your drink? Now you can get your daily dose of caffeine sent to you!

***New to Doordash? When you sign up as a customer, you’ll get a discounted delivery fee for an entire month ($1).***


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