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7 Black Products That Are As Dark As Our Souls

Black, a colour that says so little but at the same time says so much. A colour that is loved by everyone from fashion enthusiast and celebrities to college students and even the angsty kids. A colour that is seen in almost every closet, whether it’s your 10 pairs of, what looks like, the same pair of leggings, your sexy little black dress or those black high heels that help you finally reach the top shelf, so why not have some amazing and cute black products to match?


Matte Black Starbucks Tumblr

Price: $37.99

This cup is perfect for a college student on the go, whether you are drinking your morning coffee or even just some good ole fashioned water.




Black Adidas Relaxed-Fit Performance Hat

Price: $12.30

The perfect go-to hat that will pretty much match everything and anything.




BlackMyth Graphic T

Price: $10.99

Do I even need to explain why this shirt is great? #Freethenipple




Nixon Women’s Kensington Stainless Steel Watch

Price: $70.00

Add this watch to your business look in order to bring it to a whole other level.




Steve Madden Aviator Sunglasses

Price: $40.00

Throw up your hair, put on these shades and put in your headphone and ignore the world or sport them out on the perfect beach day! (Beach days might not come for a could months if you are living in Erie…)




786 Cosmetics Nail Polish in Black

Price: $13.95

Perfect products for anyone who wants to relive their emo days or who want nails that will match with most outfits




QZ Unique Cat Shoulder Bag

Price: $20.99

A purse to not only fulfill your love for the color black, but also for cats!




Sorya Nasir

PS Behrend

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