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6 Podcast to Listen to This Summer

If you are like me, summer is fun for about a week. Then I get bored and struggle to find something to do other than get sunburnt and drink milkshakes. Whether you’re bored at home, laying on the beach, or looking for a fun way to fill your long road trip podcasts are the way to go. Everyone always makes fun of me, but once you get started it likes the crack of the Spotify/iTunes/Soundcloud/wherever you can get podcast world. So here are 6 podcasts you can listen to this summer vacation.


1. Criminal

This crime centered podcast will you keep you in its enticing web for hours. Each episode breaks down a different case and included everything from mass murdered to venus fly trap smugglers. Each episode is short, perfect for people who need something for a commute or just get bored after listening over an hour about the same thing.

Listen here



2. Savage LoveCast

If you haven’t heard of Dan Savage yet, you are doing something wrong! Dan Savage is a long time LGBT advocate, communist, advice giver and wonderful person. He had decades of experience with advice giving. His podcast is entertaining and truly helpful. Even if you aren’t looking for guidance, it is endlessly interesting to hear about the problems and topics discussed. I have said it many times before but if I could be granted one wish, it would be to have Dan Savage follow me around and help me make every life decision.

    Listen here


3. The Daily

Twenty minutes a day, Monday through Friday, this podcast is an interesting and easy way to keep up to date on things that are going on in the world, in politics and any other need to know news.

Listen here


4. The Morning Toast

While I listen to The Daily to keep up to date with world new, this is my go-to for pop culture news, celebrity gossip and everything I need to help me know what’s going on when I scroll through Twitter. I’m gonna be honest, the two host come off a little white-feminsty to me, but overall they are funny and can give me a break down of the new Jersey Shore episode I don’t have enough time to watch.

Listen here or watch here


5. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

Chris Gethard. I feel like that all I really have to say. I mean have you seen him? He’s adorable AND funny.  This podcast is so refreshing, I think that is partly because he interviews completely anonymous people over the phone. Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry but you will always be entertained.

Listen here


6. Guys We F***ed

I am a die-hard fan of this podcast and have been a fan for years, I even wrote an entire article about it. Created after comedian, Corinne Fisher got dumped in a Panera, her and comedian Krystyna Hutchinson tackled everything about sex, life, and love. It is hilarious, real, and the guest are always funny and entertaining.

Listen here


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