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6 Cute Fall Shoes That Won’t Break the Bank

Fall is officially in the air. And if you are like me, that means you have to update your wardrobe. One of my favorite clothing items is shoes! I love love love new shoes. However, I do not like spending a ton of money but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve nice things! Check out some of my favorite Fall shoes that won’t cost you your first born child.


1. Everyone needs a simple pair of ankle boots. They go with nearly everything, whether it be a comfy pair of jeans, leggings or a cute going-out outfit. Not only are these shoes cute, but they come in 12 different colors and are decently cheap ($19-40). Get them here.  



2. A pair of rain boots is a must for the Erie Fall and Winter. Hunters are a popular option around campus but can be pushing the wallet a tad. These boots are reasonably priced ($27-42) and come in a ton of cute patterns such as these adorable wiener dog pair. Check them out here.  



3. A good pair of riding boots is a Fall staple that can turn nearly any frumpy outfit into a stylish one. It can be hard to find a good pair that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but Charlotte Russe always has tons of cute boots that cost less than $50. These ones ($33) are one of my personal favorites! Take a look!  



4. Another one of my Charlotte Russe Favorites. These boots are great for hitting the town for a girls night out or going on a hot date. Since they are black they go with basically anything and the glitter helps them stand out. You can score these bad boys for only $41 from here.  



5. I don’t care what anyone says, combat boots never go out of style. I personally love to wear them when I go out because they protect my feet and make me feel a little extra bad-ass. These cuties come faux-fur lined as well so your feet stay extra comfy when you wear them. Just to make things even better they are only $35! Get them here.  


6. These shoes are a little more expensive than the rest on this list but oh my, are they worth it! There is nothing better than slipping these on as I am heading out to my early morning class. They are so cute and beyond comfy. They are long lasting and maintain good quality! Moccasins start off at $40 but the ones pictured above are my personal favorites ($70). Check them out here!



Have fun updating your Fall footwear while watching your wallet! HCXO



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