5 Must Have Beauty Products for Dry Skin

As someone who grew up having oily skin for so many years, I thought that was the worst of it. That was until I suddenly transitioned to having dry skin, especially during the cold, winter months. I would take having oily skin one thousand times over dry skin now that I have experienced both. After 3-4 years of struggling with dry skin and never being able to have my makeup looking “on point”, due to my dry patches absorbing all my foundation, I think I have finally found the answer to fixing the problem. 

  1. 1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

    This stuff is a life-saver of mine, I have been using it for a couple years now. I have tried many moisturizers to help fix the issue of my dry skin, and I always come back to this one every single time. I use it both morning and evening and it keeps my skin so hydrated all day long. 


  2. 2. Sunday Riley CEO Glow Vitamin C Oil

    Oh boy, do I love this stuff! I have gone through 3 of these already and I just started using it about 9 months ago. It saves the day every time. It not only hydrates your skin and gives you that buttery soft feel, but it also gives the best glow. I started using this when I was in my worst stage of dry skin, and I was desperately in need of something to save my face. This saved me!!! I not only put this on before I go to bed, but I also mix this with my IT Cosmetics CC Cream which is what I use for my foundation, and it gives the perfect glow without looking oily.

  3. 3. St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Scrub and Mask

    I know people have mixed feelings about St Ives products, but I personally have been using this gentle one for years, and I love it. I discovered it when I first got really dry skin and needed not only an exfoliator that would not dry my skin out, but I also needed to find a mask. That is how I found my love for this product. It is perfect to use in the shower and leave it on for a couple minutes to get both the effects of the exfoliator and the mask.

  4. 4. Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer and Setting Spray

    This product has changed the makeup game for me BIG TIME. It not only is perfect for my skin type, but it is also a way to save yourself some money. This product is both a primer and a setting spray, so instead of spending $30+ on a primer and $30+ on a setting spray, you can get this amazing stuff for $32.

  5. 5. IT Cosmetics Full Coverage CC Cream

    Anyone with dry skin can relate to me when I say that foundation makes my face look so dry and cakey to the point that I am better off not even putting anything on. This product is my holy grail and one that I do not think could ever be replaced. This is a full coverage CC cream, so it gives you a full coverage look without feeling too heavy on your face. One reason I also hated wearing makeup was because of how heavy foundation always felt on my face. This is so lightweight, I forget I have it on sometimes. It also has a hydrating serum in the product which is amazing when you have dry skin like me!