20 Things Learned By Twentysomethings

Your twenties can be a very interesting time of your life. You will meet new people, go new places, and do new things, and along the way, you're sure to learn a thing or two. Here's twenty lessons learned by out favorite twentysomethings. 

1. "You don't need to figure out your whole life now." 

2. "Discovering what you believe in is important and painful, but integral to becoming a person of strong mind and character." 

3. "Live courageously...Without fear of what people will think of you." 

4. "Save your money." 

5. "Sometimes you need to slow down, no matter what you have going on. Feelings are complicated and you're not supposed to understand everything by twenty, so do not stress so much if you don't fully understand yourself yet. We are only twentysomethings, we have all our lives to create who we will be. "

6. "Don't be afraid to fail." 

7. "Do things for you and don't think about what anyone else thinks. It's your life, at the end of the day, and you're the only one living it." 

8. "Boys will let you down, but your sisters will always be there for you." 

9. "It's never too early to start gaining experience for your future career field. Get involved with multiple things to find your niche." 

10. "You must have a balance between work and play." 

11. "Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. You have to spend the rest of your life with yourself, so you might as well do it as your best self." 

12. "It's okay if the love of your life doesn't turn out to be the love of your life." 

13. "Overuse the word 'love'." 

14. "Life can't always have a Instagram filter." 

15. "Remind your friends how much you love them- every day." 

16. "It's okay to call your mom for help." 

17. "Anxiety can be overcome." 

18. "You don't need an excuse to drink champagne." 

19. "Do not live with resentment." 

20. "Be sure to take pictures and capture memories, but after the picture is taken, be sure to look around and embrace the moment through your own eyes. The true beauty of life can only be seen that way." 

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