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10 Reasons Why Abercrombie And Fitch Is Cool Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

10. Bye Bye Moose Logo:

Abercrombie’s iconic moose logo has always been on every item of clothing found in the store. When we all loved to wear Abercrombie in junior high, the moose logo was sign of exclusivity. As of 2014 they have started slowly taking away the logo on all clothing in hopes to reorganize their brand by making it more sophisticated 

9. Mike Jefferies Is Gone:

The previous (and extremely controversial) CEO, Mike Jefferies, has officially stepped down and left the company. Jefferies, who was all about crafting his brand into one made for “the cool kids,” was widely known, and disliked, for his discrimination. Since stepping down, Abercrombie has been left with room to grow.    

8. Amazing Partners: 

Abercrombie has new flagship exclusive items and with multiple partners to come. Some include Woolrich, Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, and Eastland, just to name a few. 

7. Featuring The Heritage:


What better way to get back to basics than by literally getting back to basics. While in some aspects, Abercrombie is making big changes, other parts of the company are better left untouched. A&F is hoping to go back to their heritage by starting the new 1892 Collection. This collection features a simple design that resembles the collection when Abercrombie and Fitch first started in 1892 (did somebody say TBT?). 

6. Fragrances:


Along with their new line, Abercrombie is introducing some of the best new fragrances including multiple limited editions that are perfect for gifts.

5. Flannels:

Everyone loves a cozy flannel during the chilly fall and winter months. Abercrombie has designed flannels, feature some of your most loved designs, but with various options to choose from.

4. The Christmas Collection:

This new Christmas collection features something for everyone. It embodies the Christmas spirit, but with a simple and classic design (someone tell Santa). 

3. All-Time Favorite Jeans:

The Abercrombie classic “it” jeans are an all-time favorite for many. Their amazing style and lasting quality is something people can’t get enough of!

2. Black Is In:


While under their previous management, Abercrombie never had the color black in any of their stores. However, because of the recent change in style, Abercrombie has finally introduced this classic color into their pieces. #allblackeverythingplease

1. Casual, City-Chic Style: 

The previous preppy exclusive style of Abercrombie have been evolving into an inclusive every day style. With this new chic, luxury look, people are loving this new direction in which Abercrombie is headed!



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