WTF is Going on in Riverdale?

To many fans' happiness, Riverdale returned to the CW this week with its third season premiere. However, some fans (a.k.a. me and my roommates) were left feeling like "WTF?!". So here's a breakdown of everything that left me feeling very confused and worried for the rest of the season. 

As we can all recall, Archie was arrested at the end of season two for the murder of Cassidy, the shop clerk from when the gang all went up to Lodge Lodge. My question is, is it ethical for Archie's mom to be representing him? And, what on Earth possessed Archie to take a plea bargain for a crime that has zero evidence? Going to jail was really selfish of him and he didn't even take two seconds to consider what he was doing effects everyone else too. 

Moving on, I'm really confused about the fact that Alice is joining Polly's weird farm cult and not the Southside Serpents... Like no Alice, everyone was rooting for you and FP to get together and then you had to go all Satan worshiper on us. This behavior just is so not Alice so I'm really wondering wtf Polly did in order to convince Alice that this was a good idea. Then again, she did get married to a serial killer... 

Also, since when does Betty have epilepsy? I'm not a medical professional or anything but I don't understand how seeing a human sacrifice causes a person to have a seizure. I did a little research on Google to help explain this, and I found nothing that was satisfactory. According to WebMD it could have been a nonepileptic event, but we will have to just wait and see.

I don't even know where to begin with this next one. The way that the episode began to close out with the Satanic messages and carvings in the boys backs was very concerning and makes me wonder if the show has jumped the shark. 

Overall, the season premiere left me feeling unsure of what I was watching. Last time I checked, Riverdale and American Horror Story were two different television shows. I was personally hoping for more of the Riverdale vs. The Mob plots but unless Hiram is no longer Catholic and is now a Satanist, I don't see that happening. 


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