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Who is Monica Gorton?

Name: Monica Gorton

Hometown: Stratford, CT

Class Year: 2019

Major: Elementary and Special Education

A farmer, dog lover, and dancer are all great descriptions of Providence College junior Monica Gorton. However, these are just basic things that you can find out by checking out her Facebook and Instagram page. I sat down with Monica for dinner and asked her the tough and not-so-tough questions. Here is how she responded…

Q: What clubs and activities are you involved in on campus?

A: I’m involved with the PC Dance Club and Best Buddies. The Dance Club is a student run and student choreographed organization that gives everyone on campus the chance to dance. Best Buddies is an organization that pairs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with college students. We host multiple kinds of events for the Buddies and we focus on building friendships.


Q: What would you tell your freshman year self?

A: Attitude is everything. If you’re going through a rough patch, don’t get bogged down in it.


Q: Why did you choose your major?

A: I love working with kids! I also have a passion to help and educate kids with special needs. I’ve had many personal experiences with my cousin Catherine, who had Down’s Syndrome. I think that it was growing up with her that helped me to realize that this is what I want to do.


Q: What is your favorite music genre?

A: That’s too hard! I like country, pop, and rap/hip hop. I also love Disney and Broadway music when the mood is right.


Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Aqua! I like it because it’s not quite green and it’s not quite blue.


Q: If you could have any animal as a pet, that isn’t a cat or dog, what would it be?

A: I think a horse. I feel like riding off into the distance at sunset is pretty majestic. I also did horseback riding when I was little and that was a good time. I was in love with my chubby horse, his name was Cliffy.


Q: What is the one thing in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?

A: Definitely oversized sweatshirts. I like to be comfy!


Q: Where is your favorite place to go off campus with your friends?

A: When I get sick of being on campus, I like to go to Newport. There’s plenty of good restaurants that you can try. The cliff walk is also very scenic, you can get some fresh air and stop on one of the Salve Regina lawns to get some homework done with a view.


PC is lucky to have a student like Monica hanging around its campus. One of my favorite things that she said in this interview was her advice to her freshman year self. Attitude is important, if you think that things will get better, they will! If you focus on the negative then it will only make the situation worse. Her involvement in Best Buddies shows that she is committed to making the community a place where everyone feels like they belong. As a choreographer for PC Dance Club she has made many students’ days brighter with her warm and bubbly personality, as well as with her fun dance moves. 






Megan McGunigle is a Political Science and English double major at Providence College. On campus, Megan is involved with WDOM the student run radio station, Club Figure Skating and the organization Generation Citizen. Generation Citizen helps to civically engage students in local middle schools and high schools. She also enjoys ice cream, chocolate, and pizza. Her dream job would be working as a journalist in Washington D.C. to write about all the country's political happenings.
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