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Where to Cry on Campus During Finals Week

As finals week approaches, we all come to a breaking point in our studying and we begin to cry, like Kim Kardashian ugly cry.  So, if you want to cry in peace where no one will see you at PC during finals week here are a few spots!

Coy Pond by Hunt Cavanagh… literally no one is ever there. Ever. So feel free to drown in your sorrows. 

The basement of Hunt Cavanagh, it’s extremely scary and dark, which is why no one will be there.  Maybe you shouldn’t go there…

Bathrooms in Slavin, because they are single bathrooms.

Professors office… maybe they will give you extra credit because they feel bad for you??

The tunnels under the Art Buildings on lower campus… just kidding please do not do this you could get easily lost or even in trouble with the school.

The gluten free section in Raymond dining hall… cause who goes to that section?

Third floor library, but it has to be a silent cry because people will yell at you for being too loud!

Your roommates arms, because they are probably crying from finals too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a car, go in there and let it all out.

The shower… no one will hear you in there if you’re playing music.

And finally, on the treadmill so you can at least try to run away from your problems.

I hope these places help you cry in peace during finals week! Just remeber that your crying face isn’t as ugly as Kim K’s! 

Good luck on your finals and just remember you get to fill out the course evaluation on your professor and the class.

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