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What to Pack on Spring Break

What to Pack on Spring Break



You’ve planned most aspects of your trip and just finished studying for midterms; follow this stress free packing guide of what to pack for spring break. Every college girl should be sure to include these items in their suitcase. You’ll be one step closer to relaxing on the beach with a pinna colada in hand.


Beach bag

1.     Sunscreen (Lip Sunblock too!!)

Using a sunscreen or tanning oil with at least 30 SPF will be the safest most effective way to get that sun kissed glow and keep you from becoming the burnt lobster among your group of friends.

2.     Conditioner

Avoid the straw effect that the salt water can have on our hair!Keep a bottle of conditioner in your bag to use after you go into the ocean and your prevent breakage when you brush it later. Trust me girls you’ll thank me later.

3.     Koozie/Cooler

The only shot your B.O.C (beverage of choice) will have of staying cool while you are sitting out in the hot sun all day.

4.     Disposable Waterproof Camera

The camera on your phone is awesome, but including a waterproof disposable camera will capture some sick action pictures of you in your friends either in the pool or the ocean.

5.     Sunglasses

Who wants to squint when you’re out in the sun?



1.     Aloe After Sun Lotion

If you want to make that tan you’ll be working so hard to get last be sure to pack lotion for after those long days in the sun. I recommend Aloe After Sun lotion (it’s inexpensive; just $5.95 at Ulta.com). The aloe vera keeps your skin cool & super moisturized, lengthens your tan, and keeps your skin from peeling.

2.     Deodorant/Perfume

3.     Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Razor

Sometimes it’s the obvious items to pack that we accidentally forget about.

4.     Advil

With those long nights of partying and days in the sun, this is bound to come in handy at some point on your trip.




1.     Swimsuits/Coverups

I would bring a suit for every day of your trip, but cover-ups are acceptable to repeat.

2.     Two pairs of shoes

A pair of flip-flops is necessary, but lets be honest, how many pairs of wedges do you really need? Shoes take up so much space in your suitcase that one pair of neutral wedges to go out in should do the trick.

3.     Day outfit

You never know if there will be that one day that you and your friends don’t feel like going to the beach, or the weather forbids it. Be sure to include at least one-day outfit you can wear in town.

4.     Dinner outfit

5.     Going out clothes

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