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We’re Back and Better Than Ever

Fall 2021 has officially started, and we couldn’t be more excited. After a year of Covid-19, Zoom classes, and missing out on all the things that make these four years the best of our lives, we’re ready to regain some semblance of normalcy. Although Covid is still present and there are still many precautions we need to take, we can do more of the things we love around campus. No longer remote, all of our friends and classmates have returned to campus, and classes are in person again. As someone whose roommate stayed remote all last year, it’s great to reunite with everyone.

Not only have classes left Zoom, but so have our favorite clubs and activities. It was nearly impossible to feel involved in clubs over Zoom. Everyone would stay muted, which didn’t even matter because no one could hold events due to the virus. This wasn’t the fun extracurriculars we signed up for. Now, clubs are back with a vengeance. Each club has a list of plans they’re excited to pull off this semester. Ideas have cumulated over the past year, and now we can finally execute them.

Not only is the Providence College campus buzzing with people and clubs, but also events. We tried our best last year to have events and keep ourselves entertained, but with all the rules and regulations, there weren’t nearly as many as in previous years. The events that did take place required strict distancing or take-away bags to do them in one’s dorm. Now the morning mail shows us the abundance of events we have in store as things return to normal. Every week we have so many options in store for everyone to enjoy what we missed out on last year.

This is still just the first week back and we have a lot more to look forward to as the semester progresses. It is great to see Friartown back to its full population. Hopefully, things continue to get better from here!

Samantha Dietel

Providence '23

Samantha Dietel is a junior Psychology and Elementary/Special Ed double major and is senior editor for the Providence chapter of HC. She loves to stay involved on campus and is a choreographer for Dance Club, participates in Active Minds, Education Club, PAWS, PC Pals, volunteers with Inspiring Minds, and is a member of the Psi Chi honor society. As a local near Providence, she enjoys guiding her friends around the city and showing them what it has to offer. Samantha also enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and a good binge-watch.
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