The Trick To Staying Healthy On Campus

It’s that time of the year Providence! Cracking open the books after a sweet summer, meeting new friendly faces, and the smell of pumpkin spice circulating throughout campus can only mean one thing: we have crashed head first into the fall semester! After having survived the chaos of the first few weeks of being back to school, whether you are an incoming Freshman at PC, or a returning upperclassman, it is easy to get caught up in the rush of juggling class, clubs, intramural sports, and of course, your social life. Students often don’t have time to remotely consider going to the gym, or making that choice of vegetables over French fries at dinner. And let’s be honest, a late night trip to Yuck Truck or Golden Crust Pizza is often too good to pass up. The very icing to this cake is the daunting “freshman 15” phrase that seems to lurk in every corner of a college campus. If you are now starting to panic, DON’T! Although it can be easy to get caught up in the “pizza and mozzarella sticks every night” lifestyle at school, there are a few tricks that can keep you on a healthy track while still being able to have your Golden Crust, and eat it too!


Tip #1: Make an effort to walk more!

    Typical college students seem to always be in a raging battle against time, and this is understandable. Sometimes you are obligated to choose academics over a gym session, and that is okay! One easy way to shed a few extra calories and keep that metabolism going is simply taking the long route to class, opting for the stairs over the elevator once and a while, or simply going on a stroll for coffee with a friend! Students are often not aware of how many calories they are actually burning by being a student who has to physically walk to class, the library, Starbucks, etc.


Tip #2: Try out a workout class!

    After my first semester at Providence College, I am ashamed to say that I was too scared and nervous to try out the FREE fitness classes offered by the Providence College Recreation Department. Classes range from beginners yoga, to cycling, body pump, and more! Eventually I worked up the courage to go, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Taking advantage of the classes offered by PC are extremely motivating, as they are built to accommodate beginners. After one class, it’s hard to stay away!


Tip #3: Check out Raymond Dining’s Mindful Options!

    Yes, we all know the horrors that are Ray dining hall. Many students approach the Ray menu with a “you win some, lose most” mindset, but while Ray is often unappealing, it does offer a variety of food options considered “mindful.” These mindful options are made to be a healthier option for students who may want to add a little nutrition to their plate. These mindful options often come in the forms of soup, or side dishes, so yes, you can eat what you want, AND add a little nutritional value too!


Tip #4: Drink water!

    Just mix in a water? Is it really that easy? I am here to tell you that yes, drinking water and staying hydrated is integral to a good diet and overall health. Especially with cold and flu season in our midst, drinking water can do wonders for ones immune system. Long term affects of staying hydrated lead to a boost in metabolism, clearer skin, and better overall health in general!


Tip #5: Say yes to late night food!

    Although many worry about that so called “Freshman 15” or for upperclassmen, eating too much pizza in general, it is important to treat yourself! Looking back at school memories, you will not remember that time you opted for salad instead of French fries. The memories you will be fond of are those times you said yes to a Yuck Truck visit at 2 a.m on a Saturday with your best friends at your side. Make an effort to stay healthy, but have fun with it too!