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There’s Two Kinds of People

Everyone’s different, yes we know. We take pride in our individuality, but there are some situations where you’re either one or you’re the other…

1. The Morning Person vs. The Night Owl

 Whether you’re the early bird getting the worm everyday at 7 a.m. or you’re the girl who needs 10 alarms to get up for you 11 a.m… as long as we get our A’s!

2. The Peaceful Sleeper vs. The Peace-less Sleeper

We are all the snore-er or the snore-ee and even if you don’t know it, I’m sure your roommate does… 

3. The Mess-builder vs. The Bed-Maker

Clutter is either your best friend or your pet peeve

4. Tea Drinker vs. Coffee Drinker

Either you get your caffeine from the herb or from the bean… whatever works to get you through your week!

5. The Cheeseburger vs. The Plain Burger

Whichever burg is for you, make sure it’s a juicy one!

6. Crust vs. No Crust

Do you eat it or do you leave it?

7. The Diagonal vs. The Vertical

How did your mama do it?

8. Cream vs. No cream

Either you lick the cookies dry or you munch it all together, you’re either cream-in or you’re cream-out


9. The Pup vs. The Puss

Quite possibly the strongest division among all people… meow or bark?

10. The Prep vs. The Boho

Do you prefer pearls and a collar or a flannel and a beanie?


Which one are you?

Christina Bena Lin is apart of the Class of 2016 at Providence College. She's #drunkinlove with her puppy Cooper and her best friends aka her life. "Hate it or love it" -Fiddy 
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