Thanksgiving as told by New Girl GIFs

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting times of year because it means food, lots of food. It also means that other holidays are right around the corner as well as a month long break. There is nothing like shoving mash potatoes in your mouth until you no longer can, or taking a nap to a football game that you probably couldn't care less about. So here are some New Girl GIFs to remind you just how great Thanksgiving is

When you first arrive and you and your cousins are finally reunited

But then there are relatives you see once a year who you have to awkwardly hug and make small talk with But then you remember that you will be eating pie very soon and all is well

On Thanksgiving day you starve yourself so that you will have maximum room in your body for turkey, stuffing, and happiness. The smell coming from the kitchen makes this task very hard

You distract yourself by playing some sports with your family to get some exercise and fresh air

but you usually just end up drinking

Finally it is time to eat

and eat

and eat some more even though you are starting to feel a little weird

The next step is hibernation, you make your way to the closest couch, or something that resembles one and you pass outYou wake up after what feels like days to the smell of pie, and all of a sudden you are magically hungry again. It's time for round 2

You amp yourself up and it works. You eat pie, cookies, and ice cream, honestly it's surprising that your body is still functioning

You go to bed feeling satisfied and happy and realizing that in 1 month you get to do it all again