Is Thanksgiving the best?

We have officially turned the corner into the best season of the year: Christmas! Although I am the biggest Christmas fan there is, here are a few reasons why Thanksgiving maybe better.

1. Food  Thanksgiving has the best food hands down. Whether you are a turkey family or a tofurkey family you are going to be eatin good in the neighborhood. 

2. Napping There is nothing like when the tryptophan hits and you hit the nearest couch. You sleep as if it is the only time a year that you actually get to sleep even though you take 4 naps a week at school. 

3. Football This is the best day for football. It's great because whether you like sports or not you can still cheer for your uncles least favored team and make him mad. If the holidays aren't made for pissing off your family what are they for?

4. Weather If you are not a winter person but you like the chilly weather, Thanksgiving weather is perfect. It's not so cold that you want to curl up in bed and die but you do want to get cozy by a fireplace. 

5. Christmas The best thing about Thanksgiving is you can now be excited for Christmas without judgment from your family and friends. You can watch Christmas Hallmark movies, eat exorbitant amounts of cookies, and play Christmas music 24/7. 

Ultimately Thanksgiving is the amazing because you get to look forward to Christmas. Merry Thanksmas!