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Twitch streamer, Ludwig Ahgren, had been engaged in a live stream on Twitch since Sunday, March 14th. During what he called a Subathon, his plan was that for every subscription bought for his channel ($5 a month), 10 seconds would be added to the time he would be live streaming for. He had been doing a constant stream of everything he does in his day-to-day life. He slept on stream in a race car bed he has in his office, he brought his viewers with him when he cooks, goes to work out, and I believe he even showered on stream (obviously in a swimsuit), and continued to do his normal video gaming content as well. 

When he slept, his moderators took over the stream and hung out with the chat, watching videos and playing games for them as well. What he thought would be a two-day stream went on for a month. One night, he went to bed with 23 hours remaining, and woke up to 32 hours due to the surge in people buying subscriptions. He stepped away from the stream at one point for a 30-hour, much-needed break for a preplanned trip, obviously not thinking he’d be live for this long to miss it, but came back to the stream still running strong, and a long way to go. 

    The stream blew up on Twitch. It became the top stream five days in a row. He gained tens of thousands of subscribers daily and gained over 40,000 subscriptions since starting, which is most likely doubled or even tripled at this point where it ended. He trended on Twitter twice in the first week, both times while he was asleep.   Ludwig has surpassed the record of streamer Ninja, who was the number one most subscribed to channel on Twitch with over 269k subscribers. On the last day of the stream, Ludwig surpassed this and is now the number one channel on Twitch.  For the entire last day of the stream, all the proceeds from any new subscriptions were pledged to go to the Humane Society and St. Jude’s, while during the rest of the stream before the last day, $1 of every subscription had been going to No Kid Hungry. 

    Ludwig’s stream ended on April 14th at midnight EST/ 9 P.M. PST. This means he reached the 31 day limit he set on the stream. The stream could have gone on for much longer had he not set a time limit for himself. Apparently, he will only be taking a two-day break from work after this large event. Everyone is extremely proud of Ludwig for this groundbreaking event, and he was holding back tears as the screen faded to black and the clock hit 00:00:00. (Yes, I stayed up all night to watch). Chat was filled with chants of “I WAS HERE” and most were glad to see that Ludwig can now return to his normal life without being watched constantly. I’m glad I myself got to witness history in the streaming world and am excited to see other streamers take advantage of this newfound idea and where it could lead the entire industry. 

Kacey Bilardi

Providence '23

english education major (:
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