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St. Paddy’s Day at PC: A Timeline

Every college student’s favorite day of the year has finally come back around: St. Paddy’s Day. On this day, it becomes acceptable and encouraged to wear an obnoxious amount of green, kiss strangers just because you may or may not be Irish, and drink pretty much from the minute you wake up to the moment you lay down your shamrock stickered cheek on your pillow for bed. So what does St. Paddy’s Day look like at PC? Well here is a timeline to show you what a typical St. Paddy’s day looks like here.

8:30 Saturday Morning

Rise and shine! Most college students haven’t been exposed to the sun this early on in the day since freshman year and aren’t even motivated enough to get out of bed at this hour for a class that their parents pay hard earned money for; but, rest assured, the PC student is determined to spring out of bed and start their day of festivities off with something just a tad stronger than their usual coffee.


Time to get ready for the darty that’s obviously happening somewhere on Eaton. Drudge up all of the green attire you have, slap on some shamrock stickers, green eyeshadow, colored beads, and you’re ready to go.


Show up to the darty. Take some cute pictures. Stumble into friends that you thought you lost. See people you know all the way across the parking lot and try to signal to them. Fail to get their attention and wonder why they aren’t seeing you. Send out a bunch of regrettable snap chats. Hear the cops and PC Security yelling at everyone to “break it up”. Look natural and power walk toward Suites, trying to blend in with the mass of people. Head to the promised land: Ray.


You invade Ray along with the rest of the school and load up your plate with all things potatoes. You sit with your friends and watch as students who are having a particularly fun afternoon try to grab some cereal on their way out but overfill the cup and spill it everywhere. You quickly look away as you see the cereal man’s eyes bulge out and he begins trying to get security to track down those students. Your group grabs shamrock shakes for the road and head back to your rooms for some down time.


Time to sleep off this morning’s fun! Nighty-night


Wake up, eat. Sit down, drink. Stand up, get ready to go for tonight.


Get ready for tonight’s continued partying by aggressively singing along to the Dropkick Murphys and playing musical shirts with your roommates. Do NOT forget those shamrock stickers.


Party hard friends, it’s St. Paddy’s Day!!

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