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Spring Break Series: Fitness

Spring break usually implies that you and your friends are packing up, shaking the New England snow off your boots, and jetting off somewhere tropical. Unfortunately for those like myself who have been using the big coats and loose fitting sweaters to hide that little bit of extra winter weight (is the junior 15 a thing??), tropical weather usually means hot days, beaches, and less clothing. That being said, I want to feel confident and fit when my pale skin is rejecting the sun’s tanning effects. While I would like to think that eating a salad for dinner will immediately result in having a six pack, going to the gym is the only way to see any actual change. So here is a list of some of the classes you can easily access at the gym, which my friends and I love, as well as some easy at home workout tips that will get you feeling good and looking toned!

Body Pump

    1. This class is not for the faint of heart, but is a great workout and one that I really love! This class typically runs 45 minutes to an hour and is a full body workout. Weights are involved but you can adjust what you’re using to fit your level of experience and comfortability (pro tip: don’t push yourself to use more weight if you’re just starting out or haven’t been in a while. I did that once and had to take a lap because I almost passed out). Upbeat music makes the class fun and encouraging instructors insure that you’re getting an efficient workout!

  1. Throwback Thursday

    1. This class is new to the gym and I am obsessed! If Body Pump seems a little bit intimidating, this is a great alternative! Running from 4-4:45 every Thursday, this class works every major muscle group, primarily using your own body weight, in concise circuits. What I love most about this class is the music- squatting to Fly on the Wall by Miley Cyrus makes it a lot more fun and just a little bit easier to bear. This class is super high energy and sure to get you sweating and feeling great! 10/10 would recommend

  2. Yoga

    1. I for one have never been to yoga but my roommates love it! The gym offers plenty of classes so you’ll be more than able to get into one during the week. While yoga is a great way to tone up, it’s also a really effective and efficient way to de-stress after a long day so definitely give it a go!

  3. Spin

    1. This is another workout that I have never personally tried but have heard some really great things about! The classes are super energetic and have very talented and encouraging instructors (I hear they have some fire playlists which always helps). If you really want to sweat it out and get some really toned legs, sign yourself up for a spin class!

  4. Butts, Guts, and Groove

    1. This class is so upbeat and fun that sometimes you don’t even realize you’re breaking a sweat! If you love to dance this is a great workout option for you and your friends to attend together- trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun, and some serious laughs, working it and twerking it with your besties. The routines are great for cardio and the floor work really targets your butt and abs (I did one crunch in this class last week so you could say I’m on my way to a bikini body). 100%  give this class a try!

  5. At home

    1. If you are really just not in the mood to head to the gym but still want to do something active, there are plenty of ways to get fit and feel great in the comfort of your room!

      1. Start a dance party with your friends/roommates: going hard to Flo Rida’s classic banger Low will for sure work up a sweat

      2. Download the app Sworkit: you can choose how long you want to work out for and this will give you verbal instruction for some awesome core and butt work

      3. Find videos on YouTube: You know you were just watching old vine compilations so why not take a 10 minute break to work out?? There are plenty of “fitness gurus” online that talk you through timed workouts which can be done at home! Give them a try!

There are so many different ways to have fun at the gym that will help you to look great but even more importantly, to feel amazing! Definitely hit up one of this classes, have some serious fun, and get ready for Spring Break!


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