Sox in 4

If for some reason you have not been living with the rest of the New England population you might not know that the Red Sox are 2 games up in the WORLD SERIES. That's right, by the end of the weekend the Red Sox could have won their 9th World Series. I have been a Red Sox fan my whole life and every time we have made it to the World Series the team always feels unique, whether it be the beards of the 2013 team, or the bloody sock of the 2004 Post-season, they never disappoint. To get hyped for the final games, here are some of the things that make this team great.

1. Mookie Betts salt guy- Every time Mookie does something awesome (which is often) he does the salt hand. If you don't get this reference look it up you will not be disappointed, he is imitating a theatrical chef who adds his salt in an extra special way.

2. Kimbrel's Stance- If you are a closing pitcher you have to be scary its in the rules, if you ever looked into the eyes of Jonathan Papelbon (former Red Sox closer) you were sure to strike out. Kimbrel does what only can be described as ?bird arms? while he is getting ready to throw. To those who say it looks awkward, I say those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Keep doing you Kimbrel.


3. Alex Cora- Cora has brought the Red Sox to the World Series during his first year. Not only is he a great manager but also a good guy. He has made trips down to Puerto Rico, his home, with other Red Sox representatives and players to help with the hurricane relief effort. They brought supplies directly to the people suffering, you go Glen Coco (Alex Cora).

4. The Outfielders Dance- Mookie, JBJ, and Benny- what a group. If you don't love these guys then I don't love you. After every win they do a little dance in the outfield and it's just the best. #WinDanceRepeat

5. Flow Bros- Although the long hair was mostly last season, the love that Andrew Benintendi and Brock Holt have for each other is ever lasting. They carry around each others fatheads (posters, not their literal heads), sit with each other while they travel, and overall just love each other. It is honestly so sweet and it's all I want in life. Thank you for your friendship.

Thank you Red Sox for bringing joy into our lives and please win the World Series so I can rub it in the faces of all my friends who are Yankees fans! Thank you, Roll Sox!