Signs You Are Extremely Basic

You hear it all the time, "oh my god, that's so basic'. Did anyone ever think about the fact that things become basic for a reason??? If you've ever wondered if you yourself are basic, I've put together a list of extremely basic things. If you can relate to 8/10 items on the list, you my friend are a ~basic b*ch~... Just remember, there's nothing to be ashamed. 


1. You drink Starbucks every day.

2. You’ve ordered avocado toast at brunch.

3. You say “#Blessed”

4. You self-proclaim yourself as a basic b*ch

5. You come back with “Byeee” whenever someone insults you

6. You add “haha” to the end of your texts to try to seem like you’re not being petty... but you totally are being petty.


7. You own white converse.

8. You can't eat your food before you've put it on your story.

9. You do a Pinterest DIY craft for every new season

10. Your laptop is covered in stickers from red bubble