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Riverdale (Spoilers Included) Is Change Necessary?

Fans automatically become skeptical when a television series takes a drastic turn. Riverdale is no exception. Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jug graduating allowed the show to neglect their college years away from Riverdale. With Betty attending Yale and Archie joining the military, the friends seem to grow apart. However, Riverdale adapted to the natural progression of the characters by bringing them back to the town years later for Pop’s retirement.  

Riverdale writers certainly had surprises in store for viewers. One of the first major twists, Veronica’s relationship with her husband, Chad, came as a shock. Chad is essentially the perfect copy of Hiram, especially regarding their control tactics. Veronica seemed certain about conquering her father throughout the earlier seasons, which made this future seem unlikely. The business genius claims to be an ambitious, powerful woman but continues to struggle to assert herself with the men in her life. Chad only wants to hold Veronica back because he is intimidated by her ability. Therefore, Veronica will never reach her full potential with Chad by her side. The tension building between Veronica and Chad is shaping up to be a major conflict in this season.  

In contrast, Betty has successfully moved on from Riverdale by the time Pop’s retirement occurs. Betty is chasing her passion without hesitation, even if it did backfire during her FBI training. Although, Riverdale’s writers could not have given Betty a better future. Some things never change, despite moving beyond high school. Betty will persist in her investigations no matter the cost. Betty contrasts with her former best friend Veronica in this manner. An independent Betty pursues her career while a married Veronica is prevented from reaching her full potential.  

Of course, Riverdale would not be Riverdale without Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl never left Riverdale after high school because of her superstitions about the Blossom Curse. Instead, everyone’s favorite cheerleader rebuilds Thornhill and learns how to create convincing replicas of valuable art. Even though Cheryl is at home these days, she does not relinquish control when Toni attempts to revive the Vixens. Cheryl reclaims her position as captain while continuing her schemes at Thornhill.  

Despite the interesting plot lines regarding specific characters, the fate of Riverdale after the graduation episode is disappointing. After Veronica seized authority over many of her father’s assets, he still managed to build So-dale while bringing Riverdale to its knees. Riverdale needs a voice in a time of crisis. Without the gang, Hiram seized the opportunity to erase the town and destroy Riverdale High by supporting Stonewall Prep.  

This season of Riverdale is unexpected, but there is potential for the show to be even more intriguing than when the friends were in high school.  

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