Rae Sremmurd Concert Review

    Honestly, nobody went to the Spring Concert to appreciate the musical genius that is Rae Sremmurd. Let’s get real: it was all about the ‘gram. However, that doesn't mean we didn’t enjoy the event! Here’s our review of the night:

    Waking up Friday morning, all I could think about was the fact that I’ll be dancing like nobody’s watching in 12 hours. It’s what got me through my DWC seminar, and three other classes. (Side note: who let me schedule 5 hours of class on Fridays?) After my last class, the waiting begins, because 3:20 is far too early to start getting ready(although I’m sure that didn't stop some of you). The outfit is finalized, and the scramble to learn more Rae Sremmurd lyrics than the chorus to “No Type” and “This Could Be Us” has commenced.

    After dinner, it’s finally time to get ready. Every single shower on my floor is occupied, and somebody’s blasting “Swang” from a speaker in the bathroom. The hype is real, and the anxiety becomes VERY real for those who haven't picked their outfits. Black clothing was a staple for the event: it’s a classic color and makes for amazing “Black Beatles”-related captions. Everyone has the same question in mind: when is it time to go? Yes, doors open at 7. However, Kap Slap doesn’t start their set until 8. Given that I know a grand total of zero Kap Slap songs, my first thought was to wait to head to Peterson until they were done. However, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be close enough to Rae Sremmurd to enjoy the experience if I showed up too late. My moral dilemma was solved by friends convincing me that it’s better to go earlier than later.

    After throwing our rain jackets into the locker room around 8, we joined the mass of people surrounding the stage in Peterson. They were right about needing to get there early in order to get close, but not about it being more fun. Yes, I am about to be THAT GIRL who complains about everything that a normal person should expect at a concert. As I should have mentally prepared myself for, I was PUSHED. Not like getting bumped into at Ray when it’s 6:30 and they're serving orange chicken. It was a full-on mosh pit. I found myself on the floor, at the bottom of a pig pile. Think that’s a nostalgic reference to playfully tackling your siblings when you were younger? It’s not. I was surrounded by sweaty and angry strangers, just as shocked as I was to have somehow ended up on the floor. 

    While we avoided some strangers out of fear of getting elbowed, other strangers we were perhaps a little too excited to see. I hugged someone and literally screamed about how happy I was to see them, when the only previous interaction I had with her was that she sat behind me in philosophy. Honestly, we’ve only ever exchanged obligatory “thank you’s” after handing a quiz down the row that neither of us are grateful to have received. Neither of us were looking our best, considering having danced for close to two hours in a sea of people. But it didn’t matter because by the end of the night, everyone looked like a wet dog. I’m sorry if you spent an hour on your hair, odds are you looked like you just did the ice bucket challenge by 10:30.

    No, you didn’t read that wrong. The concert ended at 10:30. All of a sudden, the lights were on. The next logical event is a visit to Alumni, where you stuff your face with food you’ll regret you ate the next day (i.e. mozzarella sticks) and watch everybody’s SnapChat story of EXACTLY the same thing. Surprisingly, no post-game was happening. We found ourselves in bed by midnight, which was unexpected of a night that caused so much hype. Against the odds, we still had fun. Maybe not as much fun as that girl who was crowdsurfing, but it was certainly worth $25 and 2 hours of my time. 


Thanks for reading through our entire first article. You made it! To reward you, here’s a ~secret~ and ~unverified~ document in which Rae Sremmurd made some really weird pre-show demands to BOP: