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The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was one of the most talked about last year, and although it was an important time to vote, it does not stop here! Voting every year for governors, mayors, and representatives for your area is something that makes it vital to hit the polls every Election Day.

This year, Election Day is on November 2nd. While your hometown may vary for who is on the ballot this year, it is a great idea to find out which candidates will be running, their political agendas on different issues, and what they have to say about important topics affecting our cities, states, and country as a whole. We live with Google at our fingertips, so researching everything you need for the polls can be done anywhere and anytime before Election Day.

Even if you are not registered to vote, you can ask family, friends, or (again) Google on how to complete registration in your home state. Keep in mind specific deadlines for registering to make sure you are able to have enough time to be approved and actively reach the polls. Depending on where you’re registered and which election it is, you may even be able to register at the polling site the same day you vote, so definitely keep in mind the ways you can register for the elections.

Now that you are registered to vote, you can determine how exactly you want to: In-person or Absentee! Living away from home and in college makes you eligible to vote through the mail. This is another application to complete as soon as possible for your state. There are deadlines to both submitting your absentee ballot request and getting your ballot back to the Board of Elections, so if you do plan on voting by mail, it is vital that you complete this process and get your ballot back as soon as possible in order to avoid delays or issues. Some states are more strict than others when it comes to this, but the website www.vote.org will be able to give you most the information you need for registering, and voting absentee, as well as deadlines, dates, and rules for voting in each of the fifty states.

Regardless of your political beliefs or party affiliation, it is important to vote in all primary and general elections. This is thee best way for your voice to be heard and to have a say in what happens in your city, state, and country. Remember to use all resources available to you when voting for candidates and choosing the best way to vote. Your vote matters, so take advantage of it

Alyssa Marcus

Providence '23

Alyssa is a junior Political Science major with a Spanish minor at Providence College and is the social media director for Her Campus. She is also involved in PC's Mock Trial Team, Admissions Ambassadors, and Student Alumni Association. In her free time, she loves photography, traveling, grabbing coffee with friends, and exploring her hometown of New York City.
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