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New Girl: Thank God It’s Back

 If you haven’t watched season 7 of New Girl and/or do not want any spoilers, stop reading. I repeat STOP READING…

So far, it’s been a bittersweet three weeks as New Girl airs for the final time. Although the anticipation was horrible after Nick and Jess finally realized they were in love, my heart is becoming gloomy when I think about saying good bye to this show. Here are some current thoughts I’m sure all New Girl lovers can relate to so far.

1. Schmidt and Cece named their kid whaaaaaat?

Honestly, we should have known that Schmidt and Cece weren’t about to name their kid “Sarah” or “Emily”. Ruth sounds like my grandma’s 85 year-old online poker friend to be honest. Although Ruth’s name is growing on me (slowly), she is actually amazing. Strong. Spunky. Fearless. The name honestly fits her so well done Schmidt and Cece.

2. Can we please get back to the story line?

The first episode was maybe a little too amazing. The suspense of waiting for Nick to propose to Jess is almost ruining the past two episodes. I totally understand that the proposal isn’t going to happen until the last episode but a girl can dream.

3. Where is Furguson?!

Although I love Aly, there is no better duo than Winston and Furguson. Since only three years have gone by, it’s unlikely that Furguson has passed. Plus, would the writers really be that cruel? I’m patiently waiting the reunion of these two.

4. Was Jess really pregnant during the whole filming of this or?

Girl looks tooooo damn good to have been pregnant during the filming of season 7. The fact that her body pregnant is better than my post-winter body is a huge signal that I need to get to the gym.

5. I never want this to end.

New Girl has been one of the best shows I have been blessed to watch. From all the jokes to my strange connection to these characters, I never want it to end. Hey, who knows maybe Ruth will get a spin off.

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